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We have used Trugreen for 2 years and will NEVER use them again. Our lawn was always green, we had a few weeds now and then but now its ruined.

They are NOT consistent, never show up whe they say they will - ALWAYS have to get it re-sprayed again and again for free because weeds come back or don't die. Now, we have Brown patch disease from "Over-fertilization". I had the grass tested by an outside agency, and Trugreen basically Killed the lawn.

Customer service awful! Rude- and pretened to be knowledgable when they are not.

They said last year to plant Fescue and areate and overseeed. We ddi that.. this year they said our "Problem was we used fescue and not Bermuda grass".. Yet, this was someone else and we informed them that TRUGREEN said to overseed fescue!...

Then, they said we had brown patch and used fungacides when now i find out it WAS NOT BROWN Patch,just dry summer and lack of water.. DUH!

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Burien, Washington, United States #816481

I am reticent to hop on the "Bash TruGreen" band wagon since I am a fairly new customer. But results speak louder than words and in their case, the results are simply unacceptable.

They did come out to aerate the lawn and reseed. On a separate call, they did the spraying or whatever they do (I was not here). The lawn has never looked worse. There are major brown spots that weren't there before.

None of the reseeding took hold. When they did it, they told me that I should get some mulch to add to the seed patches so they will survive. I asked them, "Isn't that your job?". No response.

I could never recommend this firm to anyone. :(

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #610924

I had TruGreen come out to spray for weeds, and to check & advise why a large area of my turfgrass turned brown. That took about 2 weeks, (at least 10 calls), of me begging to get them to come out.

They said the dead Fescue-grass was due to the drought. Yet my neighbors Fescue was doing well! Plus I have a sprinkler system, and the neighbors don't. VERY dissapointed in their service.

I filed a complaint with the BBB. I wanted to get my money back for the year's service, since TruGreen guarantees their service. TruGreen says they will only refund 1 service. All I asked them was to take a little responsibility.

You would think that a large company like them would man-up, but they never did. I had the County Ag Agent come out. And his assessment was that TruGreen over-fertilized in the heat of summer, causing dieback. I found out later that the problem of summer lawn burn was a common problem from Trugreen's service, as they spray a quick-release high nitrogen urea.

TruGreen should have taken ownership of this issue. See my video of my burnt lawn on

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