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Would never recommend trugreen to anyone. After hearing multiple people tell me not to go with them I did anyway only because they "guarantee" their work.

After fighting for months to get a manager to come out I've finally had enough. I finally had someone who was filling in for a manager call me. Said he would come out to my house Friday 10/05. Finally I was starting to feel better considering every time I called for a manager they said they'd have one call me and never did.

Well after Friday finally comes I never get a call or any paperwork saying he was out there. I call Monday 10/08 and ask about the situation they said they'd have someone call it's now 10/10 and have still heard nothing. My grass is completely ruined and dead on the side of my house. A technician that came out said there was never any notes on my account saying it needed extra attention.

After I explained the condition the yard was in on that side he said they more than likely could have saved it with certain treatments. The "manager" I spoke to the other day said he sees notes where I've called multiple times looking for a manager. I'm not one to write bad reviews but this is absolutely ridiculous. They've done nothing to help me and my now ruined yard.

They just want their money every few weeks. Definitely not a good company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You had chemicals sprayed on your property without a soil or insect test ; very sloppy. Unfortunately, this is a terrible idea because lots of things get killed, not just weeds or crabgrass.

The "good" grass dies, the supporting "good" insect population is depleted, birds and small animals eat contaminated food and walk on chemical laden grass. Your problem looks like a plain old case of grubs to me so you'd best stop it before it spreads.

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