A door to door salesperson talked me into using their service for a full year due to the poi grass problem that was obvious in my front yard. I was told it would probably take two full applications to kill the weeds.

Three applications were given and not a single *** changed colors. I called the office and never got responses other than another application would be applied. The weeds finally died when the warm weather came but my yard is now infested with others. Repeated calls were unanswered and finally a woman from the office called to hopefully get a great review and i told her my problems.

She said she would come out to see my year first hand. She then set me up with "jim" a service tech to be the guy who really uses *** killer and not colored water and after one visit 80% of the weeds were dead. Second visit, my yard is GREAT.. Now it is Late July and the weeds start coming.

They keep coming all winter until i get written up by homeowners in February. The repeated calls do nothing as i have had three calls and repeated applications to kill the weeds that got me in trouble. What a waste of time this company is. My back yard is the only yard in the neighborhood that is 50% green as its all winter weeds and they arent dying from the treatments...

run to the hills.

My local office is Suwanee Georgia. The managers never call you back as promised.

Monetary Loss: $360.

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