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Let me explain how they sell you something and then charge you for something else.

A guy came to my home and said he saw my lawn and would like to recommend some services. I said i didnt want and he started talking all about how their company is different from others and how they charge one annual price and then wont charge for services. He said you just pay this cost and then call us as many times you want to work on your lawn and we wont charge anything. I also added overseeding to my account. He sold me prorate plan as its was already April so he took of money for passed months from total.

So final amount that i needed to pay was $337 for a year. They came to my home did first service. Sent me bill that was for $457. So i called and wanted to talk to some manager, had to call 3 times to get hold of him in mean time they kept on doing services. Manager applogized and gave me some discount and reduced my bill to $303. And said he reduced cost of my overseeding from $110 to $50 and sent me new bill. Also asked me to go ahead and make payment of $103 and then i will recieve 4 bills of $50 each.

I recieved bill after week saying i owed $110 for overseed and $50. I called they said we fixed and will recieve new bill. I recieved $50 bill and next day again i recieved another bill saying i am overdue on payment of $110 and $50. kept on calling son same issue like 7 times. Everytime they fixed it and i recieved fixed bill and then again recieved overdue bill with $110 and $50. Then when i talked to some other girl she was like i need to make whole payment in order for her to cancel out any other charges. When i asked she was like i owed total of $340 something for remaining year. And i was shocked. She started to explain me and told me i was charged $54 for everytime they came to my home and estimated them to do atleast 6 more services in next 6 months.

I was badly pissed off so wanted to talk to manager. Requested call from manager which i never recieved. But i would keep on getting calls from billing for making payments. And finally i decided rather than sorting this out i will make remaining payments i will cancel my service and pay remaining balance till day.

She said i owed $114 and some cents. When i demanded explanation of bill this is how she explains it to me. $50 for my initial setup, $54 for first service and i owed total of $125 and i made payment of $103 and my balance was $124. I said wait how come $125-$103 = $124? And also asked her what the *** is %50 setup fees. She says it was the charge they put on my account when inital person came to my home he did a survey of my lawn. I was like oh wait i didnt call him he was there to sell. She said we do it so that we can evaluate lawn and provide good service.

Talked to her manager, she says we dont offer annual plan just on their own they assume number of service that will take for year minimum and then charge as one sum of amount. Totall rip off. I asked them to cancel my account. Then paid remaining balance of $114 and some cents. On top of that my yard is in worse condition than before. Asked them to send me detail of what was charged on my account. As i dod have written statement from initall guy that explains what they sold me, so i am planning on talking to my lawer and find out what we can do about this.


Review about: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Monetary Loss: $217.

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ServiceMaster's TruGreen is a behemoth of a lawn "care" company that insults the intelligence of their customers by attempting to disguise a cost/rate increase under the ruse "To serve you better...". And then with the high price their service still sucks!

Sandbaggers indeed!!!

I'm done with this *** corporation that ruined my lawn and bled my credit card. I wrote across their renewal letter to cancel my service and remove me from their system!

to Pi$$ed Away! #630427

Read on at


You should not have paid the balance before receiving an explanation for why the computations were erroneous. As for what you can do about it now, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to get my money back if I were you; the result may be fatal.

The corporate figure-heads for the entire ServiceMaster corporation make millions of dollars annually by robbing consumers and employees alike as if it were going out of style; It's time for us to rob them.

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