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My sister lives in Panama city Beach she just me pictures of her lawn. no grass just weeds after being with tru-green for a year.

I think that they own her a complete sodding of they have killed. they called and said they would sprig her lawn they did about 25 feet from her fence to about her first post of her carport. I have never seen a company that kill a yard as good as tru-green ,they are great at growing weeds. I would be ashame to work for this company if i did not take pride of other peoples lawns.

It is a disgrace they have put my sisters yard in. The guy that comes out to treat her yard claims to be the best that company has , I would hate to see the worst.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of lack of honesty and poor customer service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of trugreen lawn service. Trugreen needs to "sod her complete yard" according to poster's claims.

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Go to someone else if u ain't happy, c if they can do better. The mistake u idiots make is that Trugreen is a company that takes care of existing Grass, they don't plant grass.

So if u got bare dirt spots fertilizer ain't gonna do nothing. They must b doing something rite because there r over 250 branches throughout North America & last year made over a billion dollars. Lawns take sometimes years to get them were u want it to b. So stop your shinning grow up.

Its a job, u think people who work there care for ur lawn,after its all said & done its just a place to work & make decent $$$$ with 401k & all da works. If u really care about ur lawn then u would b treating it yourself,& if not then don't buy a house with a huge yard.

You people make me laugh....its just a lawn. How does spending all that $$$ pay off in da middle of February when its covered with snow.

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