This is only the second time in my life to post something , But felt I must, first off i worked at tru green for many years in sales. I was sitting there calling customer to up sale them .

I get a call. Its from t/g billing calling me at work telling me I owed for a aeration on my lawn. I said t/g has never aerated my lawn. Well they got a little mad at me and I told them I work for t/g and you called me at work on a work number.

I got my supervisor and told him what was going on and i showed him notes that I cancel my aeration due to you never came out and did it so we switched it from spring to fall well they said they fixed it and 3 day later same call wanting me to pay. even after my boss told them lawn not done they stilled called asking for payment and once again I work there. long story short, They had a salesman go out and aerate the same won who had a fist fight in the office and the same once who got in trouble for talking bad to women well he said he did lawn when he did not. the term is ghosted them.

I had to *** near go to a lawyer to get the bill fixed and remember i work there. Also I bought my brother lawn care for xmass one year ( he broke a leg and could not do lawn) My brother like the service so much the next year tru green sent him a pre pay notice and he filled it out and sent it back for the next years serve. well next year came around and it was may 27 and t/g still had not did an application on his lawn and he prepaid, he called 4 times and i went to boss 2 time about getting out there and getting pre m on the lawn before its to late. well t/g said they would be out two times and never showed so my brother called and sent a formal notice that he wanted to cancel account and to refund money since he did it himself.

they gave him cancel number and said ok. they would refund money. Will three day later they came out did his lawn, my brother was livid. Once again it was thrown up in my face I WORK THERE.

Long story short t/g refunded money they claim to my debit card . why they would refund to mu debit card and not my brothers i cant even explain and neither could they. well I looked into my account and found they had not refunded anything to my account. and that what had taken place was my brother paid by check and since two years before that i pd buy my debit card the refunded to my debit card.

How they did that I dont know because I closed account on that card 1 1/2 years ago. They could not return money to a card that has been closed. so I called from work told them this and brought it to there attention that its my brothers account not mine and that he paid by check gave them check number and said it is tru green policy if a customer pays by check the refund by check. they said yes it is.

then why hassle me. the long story short. They got into my account on my new card and reversed over $200 dollars out of my account under the guise I knew about it and took the money and used it to pay my brother back. Once again i sent this to tru green hot line and got called into office told that they got a call from Bob p again that I need to stop the bs and live with it well I found that funny because I never gave my name or number I just got a claim number.

Once again in worked there for years and this is just a small amount of thing done to me as an employee and a customer. I had one of the highest retention rates in the company. I treated my customer right. this made them mad because customer would call in and ask for me and would only talk to me.

When It was done and said everyone of my sister and brother aunt and uncle had canceled due to the above reasons. My branch had a very poor retention rate and lost over a million dollars. I must say our manager new how to move numbers around. my wife and fried have a cancer survivor Easter egg hunt and about 200 people come to it.

I away *** way in advance and work this. well this year I was told ok again and the day before they told me I could go only after I get three sales. I said forget that came to work and missed the cancer egg hunt. I found out that 2 sales person never came in on that day but we where told that they took there own car and went out on there own that they where there.

well on Monday the sales people came in handed the bosses two fifths of bourbon for giving them Saturday off for the cubs game . these sale people where only there 3 weeks they have no earned time off. and they let them drive... these two don't have a drives lic.

they have dui. Well I had 5 sales that day and how do you think I feel when the two guys who did not work had been given 2 of my sales each. I will leave with this I would love to work there again I loved what i did. bob levine great smart guy jesse o good worker our outside mgr who is gone now great guy.

My life has been screwed up and my confidence in people was shot. they owe me for what they did to me and my family. they are the type of company who say he is just a bad employee. i have won many awards from them and gave them 15 years of great service only to end up in couciling.

because i cant figure out why they did what they did. PS my manger got fired in the end for crashing the company care and refusing to take a drug test.

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