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I have had TruGreen in Dallas, Georgia for 4 years and 18 years in Florida. Until this year I have been pretty well satisfied (especially in Florida).

But this year I made the mistake of prepaying and then was totally ignored. I called in May and said my lawn was full of weeds. They sent someone out the next week who sprayed. NOT ONE *** DIED.

I waited about a month for them to die and called to say none of the weeds had died and that also there were some brown spots in my yard. Once again, they said someone would come out. I received a call that they were coming, but no one came. I called the next day to say no one came, and they lady said "How do you know they didn't come." I told her I was home all day and that no one came to the door, didn't leave a sign in the yard or a note at the door.

I called back the next week and found that they put a trace on the truck and that the truck rode by my house at 3:15 and left at 3:15. I was told they would send someone out and that a supervisor would call me. Neither of these thing happened. I called the next week and was told that the person on my route had quite (this person had only sprayed my yard once).

I said, "So this means no one else takes over his route?" By then I was so frustrated I said, "Just send me my money back, you don't seem interested in keeping my business." Without any argument, she said she would, but that the supervisor was working in the background on it,because her wrote a note about the person on my route had quite!! (as if that was any help) That very day, I was trying to think who I could get to spray my yard, and as I was coming home, I saw someone spray my neighbors yard. I stopped and asked them to come to my house after her finished. He said beside the weeds, I also had a fungus.

He came the next week and sprayed, almost immediately the weeds started to die, and my lawn was looking better. After about 3 weeks my lawn was back to looking great! I found out from the next person who came to spray my lawn (the person on my route was on vacation) that Trugreen permixes their spray and that the people on the truck have nothing to do with what's in it.

Grass Roots mixes their's at your yard according to your yard. He said he quite because trugreen did not care about your lawn.

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along with problem mentioned above i have additional problem that after their frist treatment my lawn start becoming yellowish as i called them again they came and applied *** control again with our doing anything with weeds control.

now lawn is full of yellow color and all of my neaghbor got green. so its looks realy funny . True green is waste of money.

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