TruGreen promised us 12 months of treatments to bring our lawn up to standard.

We paid $400 in May of 2011 for lawn & horticultural treatments.

When we returned from New England in September, we had brown grass and lots of weeds.

Our complaints were pushed up the ladder to corporate, to a Mr. Michael Longo.

He assured us that the problem would be taken care of during his telephone conversation.

Well, TruGreen did send someone over to kill the weeds, and a few weeks later, a granular was applied.

It looked like the lawn was improving.

Then, they actually had to audacity to bill us again for the last treatment! To my calculations, the owe us 5 or 6 more treatments.

We called the local office and they won't rescind the bill or give us our remaining treatments!

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ServiceMaster's Trugreen is a behemoth of a lawn "care" company that insults the intelligence of their customers by attempting to disguise a cost/rate increase under the ruse "To serve you better...". And then with the higher price their service still sucks!

Sandbaggers indeed!!!

I'm done with this *** corporation that ruined my lawn and bled my credit card. I wrote ascross their renewal letter to cancel my service and remove me from their system!


So TJD, are you saying you got satisfactory service from TruGreen?


I will never use TrueGreen again. I saw the TrueGreen serviceman drive up to my house, knock twice and leave a bill on my door.

When I called to complain the service representative told me (and I quote) "Sir, you are lying.". I was floored. I couldn't believe their response.

I didn't know what to say other than close my account. I don't think I've ever been treated like that before.


you get televe months of treatments, yes. However most lawn treatment ptograms consist of 5 to 6 applications.

These include fertelizer, pre emergent *** control, post emergent *** control, insect control, postemergent weedcontrol/fertelizer. When a lawn is lacking and a treatment program is put into place it takes a bit to get your lawn back up to par. $400.00 is a very reasonable fee to pay for the services provided. Perhaps overseeding your lawn in the fall would have improved the over all condition and appearance.

Also it is critical to provide adequate water to you lawn to keep it from becoming stressed and allowing weeds to appear. Watering one to two times a week at a rate of one inch during that watering proves to be much better for your lawn. Folks who water their lawns for only 20 minutes per zone are only giving their lawns a "sip" of water. I dont know about you, but on a hot day i'd sure rather have a tall glass of water than just a mouthfull.

With the minimal 20 minute waterings, lawns never really get a good drink resulting in a healthy deep growing root system. Thus resulting in roots close to the surface; and when the surface soil dries so does your grass. Also strict EPA regulations limit the amounts of specific chemicals and fertelizers that can be applied to your lawn within a year period.

With that said, depending on the original condition of your lawn and only paying the $400.00 for basic services your lawn will more than likely take a bit to get back up to par. Hope you have better results this coming season............

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