this company is full of people that just flat out lie about what do they can do for your yard,its come to my attention they can not afford the proper chemicals to treat for weeds ,i had 6 treatments 4 of which they said they were treating for grassy weeds,nothing ever died in fact its worse with the fertilizer , so on my 7th treatment i come home to a yard that is just so ugly,large holes all over the place where had to pull some out ,like that makes up for anything ,dont ever use this company,they are a joke

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #731948

after reading some of the things on here i wish i did my homework on this company, i spent 870 dollars for my yard this year, what a waste ,they called to try to get me for another 100 dollars to come out and pull weeds ,after they say my yard was being treated for grassy weeds,the product doesnt kill weeds i guess,so they want me to pay to have them pulled out ,,its almost laughable that they have the balls to call and ask me for more money,never use this company unless you can afford to waste money,

San Antonio, Texas, United States #727797

i feel the same way ,there are a joke of a company,cant afford the chemicals to treat for weeds , i had *** problems the whole year,they pulled like 10 weeds i know this cause i counted the large holes in my yard,after spending 700 for treatments,they pull 10 weeds when the whole yard is covered in them ,that is there way of saying we cant treat them so il pull a hand full and that should be good enough,,dont ever use this company,it will be they biggest waste of money,i truely wish i did my homework on this sorry *** company before i signed up,

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