mine started way back in 2012/13 was on my way to work had a brand new credit card so i called made arrangements to get service was told they would show up this time this time came and went and nothing 2 days later still nothing was told the contractor ran out of chemical i tried to other previous times to get aservice i specifically said i do not want inside the fence to be done i came home to find a note said fence was locked so didnt do any service even after i clarified i DID NOT want inside fence done cause of animals i made phone call after phone call and i never got *** done i didnt even get an offer for a discounted service and i had to almost threaten the local office to stop calling me offering services was a recording took for ever to get my number taken off so with all the advertisements u do how can u expect any repeat business with service like what i had cause what really suks is before when i had good service my lawn looked awsome thats why i originally wanted to start it again

User's recommendation: dont ask for anything specific or expect good service i know this was a long time ago but it really sucks cause i did want my lawn to leek better again seeding airation crab grass control hope something has changed.

Location: Syracuse, New York

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