I decided to give TrueGreen an opportunity to make my lawn one of the best in the neighborhood. Like an *** I pre-paid for a year, trying to save a little money.

I can do a better job. My two next door neighbors don't use a service and their lawns are in better condition than mine. I have lots of crab grass, stripes from uneven application of fertilizer, and burned-out skid marks from the heavy power equipment spinning tires on the lawn. The last time I had an application I received a liquid *** control, and the receipt left by the technician stated there was an application of fertilizer (listed as several hundred pounds) that was never applied.

The technician was here and gone so quickly there was no chance to dispute anything. I know that there was no fertilizer added as claimed. I've complained directly to the company via an online survey and both times I received an automated response stating something like- "you aren't happy...a representative will be contacting you soon." I've never received any response from TrueGreen. I won't be renewing their service.

I've just purchased my own equipment to pull behind a lawn tractor, and I've been doing research to do this the right way myself from now on. I'm going to apply fertilizer now that wasn't applied recently. More and more I see that to get anything done right I have to do it myself.

It seems that people just don't take pride in what they do anymore. TrueGreen is a rip-off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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