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My husband had a heart attack and we have over 45,000 square feet of lawn and we own 2 restaurants and we usually always did our own home lawn and I myself used to sell agricultural chemicals and even sold chemicals to applicators like True Green, I'm very aware of all the chemicals they use and mixed in with the fertilizers for the lawn since I used the same chemicals for *** control for years in my yard. I just was overwhelmed with running 2 restaurants after my husbands heart attack and seeing to his needs, I called True Green, choosing them only because my cousin back east was once a regional manager for the New England states.

I thought I would give them a try to kill two birds with one stone, *** control and fertilization. It had been a nightmare trying to get a tech rep from them out to look at my lawn after they sprayed. The easiest weeds to kill are still thriving nothing was curling and the job they did was very very poor and none of the weeds are dead or even close to it. They kept telling me 7 to 21 days .

I kept telling them NO i know better and I should see weeds curling like dandelion and the clover and other easy weeds to kill should be long gone or at least almost dead within 7 to 10 days even my cousin agreed the easy weeds to kill should be gone by 10. It's been over 3 weeks and they are still flowering and growing! All I asked was to send a rep out to see what I'm talking about. Everytime I called I got a different person and different answers.

They told me that since I didn't sign up for the whole year they couldn't guarantee good *** control! HOGWASH!!! I told the original sales person I talked to and informed them we were selling our home and didn't want a year service. So they suggested 2 sprays and then I could continue having 2 spray intervals if we were still living here and didn't sell.

I felt that was the best way to go and I figured I would continue with that kind of service since my husband and I was having a hard time keeping up with lawn care ourselves do to the businesses we have and we had our lawn thatched and reseeded last fall so we wanted to make sure the weeds got taken out early. To NO avail the weeds are still growing and flurishing! I finally got a girl with True Green week before last and she put me on hold after I told her all the people I talked to and all I wanted was a tech or rep to come out and SEE what I was talking about and the weeds that they didn't control!! She finally came back to the phone and said a TECH would come out first part of the week and see and or re spray and they would be there The first part of the week the weather report for WA.

State June 5, 6 and 7 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were to be sunny and nice but pridicting rain Thursday thru the weekend..... WELL, guess what they called and left a message Wednesday which I have on my VM that said " weather permitting they would be at our place Thursday (8th). OF COURSE It was pouring down rain! THEY WAITED UNTIL IT RAINEDC TO COME OUT!!

(Thursday is not the first of the week!) Our gate was pulled closed but not locked and then I get another voice mail stating they were at the gate, my husband was home but I was at the restaurant and very busy I didn't get the VM until I got home and checked my messages on my cell. WHY Did they say weather permitting then show up when it was pouring rain... I have another long explanation on my VM which I'm saving stating again that I should have signed up for 8 sprays in essence he said to control our weeds. BS And HOGWASH!!!

When My husband sprayed the same chemicals at the beginning of spring every year we got great results and control. The obvious was the applicator went so fast because it was late in the day when he finally arrived around 4 pm and its so obvious he didn't apply giving good coverage or the chemicals were so diluted it didn't do the job!!!! PERIOD!!! This is very poor service from a major company.

MY cousin that worked for them is the one that told me to ask for a respray, which I did.. He agreed that True Green has lost that personal customer service they've got too big for their own GOOD! I will not pay them for this first spray until they get it right and do the job! All I want is a *** rep to come see my lawn!!!!!!!!!

I live in the Graham/Eatonville area in WA. State. I have restaurants in the Olympia areas and I have mentioned to customers my discontent . I was also telling one of our food sales rep and she told me she quit TRUE GREEN after 2 years of service with similar issues that I had.

!! Im really kicking myself now that I didn't have one of my old customers that I used to deal with many years ago, but I just thought I would give TRUE GREEN a try because of my cousin working there before..

he left over 15 years ago though .. DARN IT ANYWAY!!!

Review about: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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