I had a problem with crabgrass in my yard so i decided to try Trugreen lawn Service and I know that it probably takes time to get rid of those weeds so i was patient and waited 2 sets of treatment within about a year and a half to two years. I did not see any change so I called up Trugreen to find out how comes my grabgrass looks greener than my Bermuda grass, so they sent someone out to start treating the crabgrass when they should have been treating it before I called.

They first sent a supervisor to evaluate my lawn and to treat it, after several more treatments no change. The worker that came out I turned him back and they still charge me for that service. I called my local office and the corporate offices and spoke to several people that said they would take care of the $60.00 but they did not, I even spoke to a supervisor and he said he will take care of it, but he did not, i receive a letter in the mail that they sent the $60.00 to collections. Why can't people just be honest and do what they say they are gonna do?

Why did I the consumer have to call Trugreen to treat my crabgrass? Are they in the business to treat lawns or to scam people? I feel used and mistreated, the service was the worse I have ever encountered such terrible service ever and if it wasn't just $60.00 that they say I owe, I would take them to court just to prove a point. I even sent a complaint on their website and all they did was to try to get me to stay with them they did not care about my complaint.

I sent them their $60.00 but I just wanted to let other consumers know to beware.

I am still left with my crabgrass problem and will never recommend or even think of using Trugreen ever again.

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All I have to say is Trugreen has a serious problem with sticking their nose in my personal Custody and Visitation Cases for 6 years. I thought they did lawn services not to appear in court to everyone of my personal Custody & Visitation cases.

They must have no family life of their own so they involve themselfs in mine. This would be the trugreen chemlawn here in Baltimore, Maryland.

Mined your own business as you will have a 1 Million dollar law suit against you. Ifs not so funny anymore trugreen now is it.


I am currently an employee and all I can say is run!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work in customer service and when you call you speak to me.

I try my best to assist the customers. It's very hard when you're working for a company that's very unethical. No one returns the customers call,we get a lot of unauthorized service complaints and people have their credit card info on file, scheduling issues, techs claiming they treated the lawn when they didn't, customers entire lawns are dead and they have chemical burns. I have to deal with pissed off customers all day and to be honest there's nothing I can really do to assist them because no one at their local branches care about the customers.

I am constantly reprimanded for speaking out and voicing my opinions. The reason why the customers can't talk to their local branch is because they don't want to hear the complaints because they know they are watering down their products. I'm tired of customers calling in pissed off at the call center employees, it's not our fault because we're consumers too. It's your local branch who you need to be pissed off at.

Do yourself a favor and get some Scott's products from you local home depot and do it yourself and run!!!!!!! The most exciting part about my job is when a customer calls in to cancel. You don't have to believe me.....seeing is believing. Why not google it or look at the worst lawn in your neighborhood, you know the lawn that looks abandoned and there you have "Truegreen, where your lawn means more"......lol and run!!!!!!

as far away as you can. When we tell you that are sytems are down they are truly down all the time. The billing, scheduling, websites, products, and service is messed up. So when you call in and ask to speak with a manager and we call the local branch, they tell us at your local branch they aren't available.

We actually get in trouble for calling your local branch. We get in trouble for trying to be customer focused and centric. It's not about customer service. That's why they outsourced the work to a call center.

We put your information into the system and we can only hope that the people at your local branch will print it out and give it to the right person, but this rarely happens.

We deal with trugreen customers all over the US, from Cali to NJ. So the next time you think about yelling at the agent just nicely request to cancel your service please.

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