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Carl the manager does not care about his residential clients. After 2 weeks of saying my lawn was dead, the manager, Carl, finally came out.

He told me "to get a sprinkler system. We just put down some fertilizer and *** kill." If this is so, please change your advertisements to that only. Showing green grass is false advertisement as my lawn is bare. His tone and his office workers never wanted to help resolve the problem.

I needed to contact corporate to even get the remaining balance of my payment reimbursed. Do your research and ask questions of what they intend to do for your lawn before signing any paperwork. Please do yourself a favor and do not deal with Trugreen West Chicago or Batavia, Geneva, Wheaton, St.

Charles. These areas get the same service amateurs.

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Clifton Park, New York, United States #598936

My lawn looked better before Trugreen's service. I made several calls which were totally ignored.

After that I withheld payment. To see the results after 2 seasons of TG service, see my video on

Wildwood, Florida, United States #371588

Indeed! I just found a lot of photos like this posted by irate T.G. customers on TruGreen's very own Facebook page!

I would never use them because of the damage that their fertilizers and it's run-off does to lakes and streams!

Wildwood, Florida, United States #348916


This photograph looks to me like a sod job that never took hold to begin with. Probably due to lack of watering after the sod was put down.

Look closely at this picture, you can still see the seams from the individual sod pieces! :roll

Wildwood, Florida, United States #329797

8) If you fertliize & water your lawn on a regular basis, and it still looks like the photgraph above with no improvement.... Then the turfgrass either has an insect infestation (webworms, billbugs, and the like), in which you need an insecticide treatment.

Or the grass looks like that due to an excessively thick layer of thatch; In which case you need to have only natural/organic fertilizer (to encourage microbial activity) applied, and a criss-cross core areation done.

Hope this helps!


Wildwood, Florida, United States #328616

:) ;) ;) :)

Thanks for attaching the photo. In this day and age, camera phones are most helpful. In any case, it looks to me like you have an infestation of Sod Webworms. (If there are off-white moths fluttering around, then this confirms my diagnosis.) As such, an insecticide for surface feeding insects is needed, and damaged areas should be slit-seeded in September. Thanks for using TruGreen {The industry's leader}, and please call for a FREE Service Call.

Signed, Trugreen Regional Technical Manager

;) :) ;) :)

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