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We have been dealing for over 2 months trying to get satisfaction for our lawn being ruined due to Trugreen faulty equipment. Large sections of our lawn have been permanently damaged/burned out due to their machinery depositing excessive amounts of one of their lawn treatments. Aeration and seeding has not helped. They are offering a minimal amount to settle our dispute. We are not satisfied. I have spent countless hours with the corporate...
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Back yard gone we are going thru the exact same thing. Do you live in the Houston area? can't even get a return phone call. Any suggestions would be appreciated

I have been a loyal customer for many years .But this year I may have to look elsewhere. I pay extra for grub control and was told I had insects eating my grass. People on my street don't get anything and their yard looks better than mine. What happened? My customer number is 6680035729 pistols off, po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,please,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,po,you gays arnt cheep I expect a better looking yard than...
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Signed up and prepaid for lawn services thru this past summer to control weeds and eventually do some fall services to help lawn for next year.Services were to begin in May and I was to have 6 treatments it's now September and I've had 3 last one was well over a month ago called numerous times they just never show up when they say they will and my lawn is full of crabgrass and different weeds. Completely unprofessional. Do your homework before...
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There is zero quality management/oversight, so you'll get what you get. I would recommend working with a local service that actually trains and follows up on their service, or simply do it yourself. If you choose Trugreen or any of the large lawn services, you'll want to educate yourself with regard to lawn and *** control, and keep close track of not only what they are doing, and but also what the are not. I would not recommend Trugreen. .
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It is not even easy to write a review for this company on their site!This is the worst service I have ever had from a company. I have been trying to get extra service for ants in my yard since June, which I might add has already been charged to my credit card to the tune of $49 one time and $185 another.I have called numerous times, the staff always apologize sweetly and tell me they will get this rectified. My yard is the ugliest yard in the...
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Come to find out, our service is now provided by the TruGreen office here in DE (we were not notified, and as we prepaid our annual bill, didn't see an invoice). When the lawn care guy came a few days ago, we asked what was going on -- he said he didn't know, could be anything, really didn't know much about grass! And, oh, the herbicide truck was down, so he could do that service. Didn't we hire the company to diagnose and take care of the...
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I cancelled my service in know before May 2016 as I couldn't afford it this year.I paid for the one service which I was late in cancelling but then they turn around a reapply another service to which I had already cancelled. now they are sending me statements that I still owe more money when their own office CS understood the situation and checked with their supervisor and I was asked if I could pay the first payment and they would vouch for...
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h.kitchener Why not complain to the punk kid you elected as PM? I am sure he can help you.

We hired Trugreen Lawn care in Morrisville, NC to service our lawn. We ordered the $515.34 total package for aeration and seeding as well as fertilizing a *** control. Almost none of the grass sprouted and our yard is weeds!!! When I called to tell them this they said they would refund some of our money (which we never received) and then they sent out a representative to kill the weeds even when I specifically told them not to because then we...
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Shaggsloco22 That isn't mud. Mud is wet dirt.

I didn't like
  • High prices
  • Poor product
  • Custermer service