i work for TruGreen. they work us to death, on top of spraying 20-30 houses a day they now have made it mandatory for us to make a sale a week. So i have to go door to door until i b.s. someone to sign up with us. We get paid with "chinese overtime" which means instead of getting paid time and a half for overtime we only get the half so our overtime is like $5 bucks an hour.

And we work almost every saturday. and to properly treat a house it takes about 25 minutes. In order to do 20 houses properly it would take almost 10 hours dont forget about the drive inbetween houses and traffic, lunch, ect. So basically if you arent home we just fill out the invoice and put it on the door. im not trying to be out here all night.


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I had them for a year. They did nothing.

Told me when they startedi would have to wait until fall to plant seed, the summer is too hot and it just would die. When the fall came they said I need to wait until spring to plant since it won't grow in the winter.

I paid every month and the only thing i got was a machine that went over part of my lawn poking holes very sparsely in a small area to aerate the grass. He came on a rainy day so he couldn't complete the job.They are liars and cheats, they just took my money an frustrated me.


I work for TruGreen and all these complaints are 100% on. If a customer has a gate, and they cancel, they need to LOCK IT!

TruGreen can't charge you if the back doesn't get done. (Not that they still won't try!) Just don't blame the Tech that's doing the lawn, as he is basically forced to do the job. Some Techs are *** and they will do the lawn, (sometimes just part of it), without knocking on the door. Knocking is company policy.

Anytime a customer cancels , the Tech is the one that gets blamed. Even if the customer has moved or died, the Tech gets negative points on our NPS, (Net Promoters Score). I once went to a home for the first time, and the lady said she was going to sue me for coming to her house. She told me that she had already cancelled 3 times to 3 different people!

I didn't even know she ever cancelled. In the end she apologized to me and said that she felt bad for me. I even once had a gun pulled on me for trespassing when I was going to do a lawn, and a dog sent at me! All because Trugreen refuses to ever take NO for an answer.

It's all about the management putting pressure on the Techs. We constantly have people quitting left and right. The stress of working in 100 degree days, doing 30 lawns. And customers complaining about how little time the Tech is on their lawn.

TruGreen works us 12 hour days. Sometimes we will do what the company says just to hurry off to see out family that we hardly get to see. I would also like to add that a lot of customers are getting a huge price discount because we are forced to make a sale or get written-up. I've seen people with 30,000 sq.ft.

lawns get marked as 5000 sq.ft. Then we show up to do "5k" for $43 and it should be way over $120!

Which is the reason why jobs get done so quickly & poorly. I will agree Trugreen isn't good to its customers, but the good Techs are also getting hosed!!

to defakilla41 Jacksonville, Florida, United States #617445

Everything in this story is TRUE and then some!!


I worked for Trugreen for 7 years. I stuck it out for that long expecting things to improve, until I got sick & tired of being lied to.

Trugreen could not care less about the chemical contamination of our communities. Branch management had me out on properties 10 times in a year, sometimes applying pesticides in the pouring rain, (light good, Heavy NOT!). And spraying trees and shrubs in 40mph winds. (over 15mph is wrong.) Work days were never called off due to bad weather.

Local TruGreen management only cares about using & abusing employees and making a huge profit to get their annual bonuses. Greed is their way! Likewise, there are a lot of customers that are not thrilled with their service. Just read through these comments and you will see that my opinion of this company is a very common one.

Right now public opinion is definitaely not in the the favor of TruGreen.

Corporate thought that they would simply fix the company's tattered image by dropping the ChemLawn name and re-branding the trucks with a new logo. Upper managedment may have good intentions, but they are going to have to do things differently if they want TruGreen to do better!

Abilene, Texas, United States #589824

I worked for TruGreen. Even though the pay was good I quit, and I also let them know that they are crooked!

For example: Their policy is "No customer is allowed to cancel." So if I did have to write up a cancel that I couldn't save, they refused to load it into the computer. The problen here, is that I went to several "customers" homes who were pissed that I even showed up there, because they said they told TruGreen to cancel several times! I could go on for awhile about all the short-changing that they expect their employees to do! What took the cake was that in sales training, (all employees are required to sell), we were told to sell a 8 or 9 step treatment program, which included a free winterizer.

When we asked what product was used for winterizing, managers said to use anything. "We just say that, to make it sound good, as that's what customers want to hear!" Important note: The inside training that I received on paper was very good. However, the actual field training out on the truck was crooked! It was all about walking very fast with the spreader output set very low.

They do *** poor work! With the training on paper we are to use a calibration (gap) gauge for the spreader. In the actual training in the field, no such thing....just guess.... I got a gauge, but was never told what number setting to go by.

TruGreen also has questionable billing practices. This was at the Midland, TX office.


The central problem with TruGreen is that it is a BLOATED corporation which does not allow local control at the local Branch level. Some of the Managers at the individual Branches do have good intentions, but their hands are tied.

The Field Specialists/Technicians were told that they have a weekly sales quota of $300. And a daily production number of $1500. We were also told at the beginning of the season that our pro number would be re-adjusted every 3 weeks. Yet is has been kept at $1500 all season.

Then in August, our daily hours got cut down to a maximum of 11 hours; NO EXCEPTIONS. Now that we are getting paid hourly, we are just magically supposed to do more stops in a shorter work day/week. And we were also told that we now each have to get 1 lead a week for our new attic insulation service. There is no way that the guys can knock on each and every customer's door, and meet all these sales and service requirements within an 11 hour day!

The Techs are all flying across yards, taking short-cuts big time! And many still aren't getting all their daily stops done.... And management wonders why our customer NPS [Net Promotors Score] is taking a nose-dive!

This whole company is a giant ""house of cards"" that is run on lies and deceit. Many employees go to work there hating their jobs.

But this economy give few options. Techs are constantly stressed, taking their frustrations out on customer's lawns, (for not hitting their quotas, etc), and are cutting corners. Trugreen management has a negative vibe towards their employees. This negativity gets passed down to their customers.

TruGreen's reputation has gotten so bad that there is literally thousands of people out there that won't have anything to do with this company.

AND FOR GOOD REASON!!! TruGreen's greedy "take their money and run" attitude is going to drive this company into bankruptcy!!!!!!


OK....So at our Branch, during the month of July, a total of 5 Field Specialists (3 lawn & 2 tree+shrub) were laid-off for the entire month due to lack of work. This is the first time that this many Techs have been laid-off for an entire month during the middle of the summer.

All because there wasn't enough work to keep 5 employees working!

Then on Aug 1 our Branch gets a "surprise" visit from the TruGreen Division HR Rep and the NEW Region VP. (The old Region Mgr quit 2 months ago.) Turns out that the reason for their unannounced visit was to fire both the Branch General Manager and the Marketing Manager. Word has it that they were both fired for allowing "'bad sales"' to be put through. A mentality of "Do whatever it takes to post sales up on the Board!" In reality, both of them were just following Trugreen's unspoken "policy" of putting profits before service.

As for the now terminated Gen'l Mgr (Jon Skibo) goes. He was an arrogant, smug, 2-faced s.o.b. that would lose his temper, and would bully other managers and employees if they didn't follow his "rules" to perform, sell and produce!

Karma is a bit**ch "Evil Scuba". Have fun living on unemployment!!!!


Got to love the 4 12s those dumb *** tru green mgs said we would have some sats off


I feel for the true green employees. However, I was told my lawn would be rid of all weeds and bald spots.

A year later weeds and bald spots are still there. They also continued treatment without informing me my contract was over and charged me.

The customer service people in Sacramento are not easy to work with and the head office person I talked to was a not helpfull. Any class action lawsuits I can join?


Joe, there seems to ne a class action filed every 2-3 years against them. Either by a group of consumers or their own employees.

There is a class action right now by the employees for back pay. Trugreen skirts the labor laws and cooks their books to make things line up. I think they've just gotten so far into their "lie" that they have a hard time covering it up now. They had been paying "chinese overtime" to their employees, making promises that weren't ever kept, and overworking them like dogs (why not, trugreen didn't have to pay for it).

This is a horribly crooked company from the top down. All servicemaster companies are.

I should know. I worked there for about 4 years.


I deal with these mother **** everyday ripping off they're customers cheating them and stealing from them daily. I couldn't fathem the thought of how many millions these h ave frauded this nation.

I really with there was something I could do to wipe this company out of Buisness. The fraud. The lies. They're moral...

Integrity. Their service standard. The ethics... Of trugreen is that of a leech.

If there is anyone out there who feels the same email me at hortonjoe24 at yahoo. Com I would love to start a class action lawsuit to put them out of Buisness.

Thanks I feel better about. My vent.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #446006

What does TruGreen have in common with Gypsies? They're both beggars, cheats, and thieves!


What's the difference between TruGreen and the carnival?

The carnival leaves town once everyone is on to them! :grin

to Tom Foolery Jacksonville, Arkansas, United States #796510

Your comment is very slanderous. Gypsies have SOME integrity.

Sorry, just had to chime in.

Chemlawn (Trugreen's former name) killed my lawn once. ONLY ONCE, because I told them to never set foot on my property again.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #418973

To all former and current TruGreen employees:

TruGreen owes all of you [Managers, office staff, Salesmen & Techs] back wages due to not paying you your full earnings. You all fall into at least one of 2 cases. 1) Being made to work through all or part of your daily lunch break, 2)and/or not being paid time-and-a-half for overtime hours worked. Both of these instances are Federal wage violations under the "Fair Labor Standards Act".

TruGreen has been getting around this law by saying that ALL its employees are "salesmen" on commission. As "selling" is listed in all TruGreen employees Job Descriptions.

You are all employees that receive a W-2 form each January for tax purposes. As opposed to being contracted labor receiving a 1099. It is important that all your earnings be accurate since your eventual benefits (Social Security) are based on your lifetime earnings.

For more information go to www.overtimelegalclaims.com

Wildwood, Florida, United States #416502

All of the same exact b.s. mentioned on this site is also happening to us over at Terminix.

So why am I talking about Terminix on TruGreen's site. BECAUSE both Terminix & Trugreen are both owned & operated by the same parent company: SERVICEMASTER.

And we here at Terminix also have problems & complaints about poor management, low employee morale, lack of fairness & respect, and poor communication from Corporate on down. All of the Service Master owned companys are corrupt and fraudulent!


ok if a tru green employee stopped out and treated just a small portion of a lawn it was most likely a free service call to deal with a specific problem in the yard.


I'm responding to the comment made on June 1, 2011 entitled: "My neighbor was recently scamm"

I'm not sure you really know what you're talking about.

There is nothing about what you described that is by default a scam. It sounds like a standard spot treatment for a particular unpreventable *** infestation.

You didn't make it clear whether or not the technician sprayed this so called "*** grass" or whether he sprayed actual turf. I'm curious to know if you have ever worked in this industry before. It sure doesn't sound like it. Your neighbor may have ordered a spot treatment for fungus. He could have ordered a spot treatment for weeds. I own a turf business and I am called out all summer long to spot treat nutsedge and other weeds because not every type of *** is preventable with pre-emergents. That means, you can only deal with it once it's up. Average time between services is 6-8 weeks, so there is plenty of time for more pest plants (you call them weeds) to shoot up. It leads to spot treatments.

I live in Memphis, TN. Their presence in this city is so pervasive that they articially keep the price of services low, do crud work, then are able to retain the most cooperative lawns (the lawns that never get weeds, disease, etc). The rest of the companies all get stuck with the uncooperative lawns with problems, and *** about invoice prices, because "TruGreen only charged me $35 for a treatment" not understanding that the low price was what led their lawn to disaster in the first place. So, I hate Truslaves as much as anyone given that I am forced to compete in this environment, but you need to fact check how different types of treatments are made before you make silly statements that are non-sequiturs to the valid points being made here.


I have been working for Trugreen for several months and have experienced many of the same issues mentioned above. I don't care for the Chinese overtime, but in fairness, it was explained to me when I took the job.

It is not a job for lazy people for sure. You can make decent money as a lawn tech if you apply yourself. I think they could help out with health insurance a little more than they do. If you are supporting a family, that can be a big chunk weekly out of your check.

I have a bad route, averaging 120+ miles daily so it's impossible to hit daily goals. I almost never get a payout more than ten bucks. I can honestly say I work at a good branch. The management has been supportive but they lack any kind of organized training.

I don't feel like I rip my customers off. I answer them honestly and tell them what to realistically expect from the service. I have found this is the best approach to keeping a good retention rate. I agree with the Florida manager about letting the $35 dollar stops drop service.

I have several stops that are long distance that cost me $500 to service to collect a $55 payment. TruGreen needs to tighten up it's service call policy and have more informed leave behinds.

It seems as if they are sometimes focused in a misguided way. I think they would be better served to tighten the service areas and concentrate on lawns better in smaller areas.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #322386

The negative comments that the TruGreen employees (insiders) are posting here all all TRUE. No whining, just reality.

Its all about hitting weekly production goals and sale quotas that are unreasonably high without cutting some serious corners in order to hit them.

For more details from employees, just goto www.glassdoor.com Type trugreen in the search-box, and then click on "Reviews". That site says it all about this company, right from TruGreen's own current & former employees!


TRUJOKE has somehow become a master of bullshitting their customers to buy their service and convincing people to work for them. They dont give a *** about you as an employee, or as a customer for that matter-as long as you pay your bills.

I refused work at different times due to severe weather forecasted for that day only to have management shun me and give me attitude for refusing work. the veterans are so brainwashed by this company they just take orders and abuse--like programed robots...it's pathetic. I got out as quick as I could! The managers at my branch were coniving, cowardly, smug disgusting human beings that would sell their souls to corporate for an extra 15 bux a week on their checks.

see ya wouldnt want to be ya...***.

started my own business-not lawncar-and am making triple what I made at that *** hole. get while you can!and dont get me started on the chemicals.

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