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Ok, so many reasons. I never saw a change (positive or negative) in my lawn.

However, I did see numerous changes in my bank account. They cashed a check after saying they had not received it and I had made payments over the phone with them. Customer service agents knew nothing! There was never a manager to speak to; they always said they'd call me back.

They never did. They always had a different amount I owed; sometimes $90, sometimes $42, sometimes a credit of $16. They sent a rep to provide services after I requested services be postponed while they attempted to "find" my payment. They then lied and said I did not request the temporary stop in services.

After I went to the Better Business Bureau they suddenly wanted to work with me! They offered to refund everything and offered free additional services if I continued services with them.

This was just an attempt to buy me off for a "resolved" case with the BBB. When I refused, they said I owed them money and would not resolve any of my issues.

Go to Lowes and spend $50 on a big bag of fertilizer and a the long run it will cost you less money and aggrevation than TruGreen!

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I thought .....well their office is 1/2 mile from my house in Loganville,Ga. I thought I'd get a quote from them on my lawn...

Called them and they said

that we will call and set an appt.Well that was 3 weeks ago!

Truegreen will NOT get my money / business.... just lost 3 acres of green Truegreen................

to Mr.No Service at all... #586575

If you decide to cancel Trugreed, not a typo they are called Trugreed in my area, be sure to write a ltr to their corporate office in Memphis cc local Trugreed office and request they acknowledge receipt of your ltr and also request for a cancellation number. Trugreed plays games, if you cancel on the phone they will continue to apply their crappy products to your lawn which is probabbly dead anyway.

I sent them a cancellation ltr and a month went by and no word from Trugreed. I called their corporate office and asked to speak to the CEO, the young lady asked why I was calling and I gave here 15 mins of why I cancelled Trugreed. She apologized, checked my acct. number and said that they had received my ltr and she gave me a cancellation number, removed my phone number and said I would not be hearing from Trugreed again.

I said OK, if I did hesr from Trugreed again, I'd be calling back. Trugreed could give rats patoo how your lawn looks, they try to up-sell you their crappy service and inferior products.


I have the same problem, only with their shrub maintenance service. They killed many plants (probably by applying the wrong chemical).

I complained back in May 2010. Finally, last week, someone delivered 12 plants. They didn't install them. Today, the "manager" who was supposed to take care of this said he would replant one shrub to show me how, but not all of them.

Who doesn't know how to plant a shrub? They were in the ground when you killed them, and they need to be back in the ground. Customer Service is non-existent. They give you the run around for months.

But should you be late with a payment (I actually never received my last bill), they are quick to call you on the phone and request payment. I think they are in big trouble financially and this is the cause of all of the poor customer service. They are half-staffed and everyone is working double. Not my problem, though.

I paid for a service and I except the service I paid for. You will be getting my cancellation call on Monday.

This is the Daytona Beach, Florida office that I deal with. Stay away from them if you value your plants and lawn.

Bremen, Georgia, United States #213167

In the state of washington they are known by TruBrown

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