We called TruGreen to fertilize our yard.My husband called them and set it up.

The second month, we receive two invoices, one for cinch bugs and the other for fertilizer. I called them to tell them we never asked for the cinch bug service and wanted to be credited back the extra 54 dollars, which was charged on top of the 54 dollars for the regular service. They pulled the voice recorded conversation up, with my husband "authorizing" the service. However, it was a foreigner that could barely speak English.

We were completely unaware the services would cost extra.

This goes to show you bad business!!People are hurting in today's economy and TRUGREEN is TAKING ADVANTAGE OF US!

Monetary Loss: $108.

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Wildwood, Florida, United States #422672

You got what is known as a "double app" which is also known as a "2 in 1 spray". What they are doing is just mixing fertilizer & insecticide together in one tank. This allows them to spray the lawn just once, yet leave 2 bills for 2 different services.

To read more goto www.scamfound.com

Wildwood, Florida, United States #419687

As a TruGreen employee I can say that YOU WERE SCAMMED.Because Chinch Bugs are "surface feeding" insects.

And it is TruGreen policy to treat all surface feeding insects for FREE.If any TruGreen employee trys to charge you for this, then "Yes" YOU'RE BEING SCAMMED!


I just got chinch and fertilizer/*** killer today. They said nothing on the note about watering it in. Should I?


Many employees or various companies search through consumer complaint websites looking for propaganda spreading morons, such as yourself. Someone has to defend the company if they believe in it against stupidity. What if it were your company?

TruGreen is taking a proactive approach to a resistant turf damaging insect. You may be receiving 2 applications on the same day (mixed together yes), but you are paying the same amount of money annually that you agreed to......TruGreen notified you of this. But, you clearly never opened your mail. Not their fault.

Just call the office and ask them.

There is no scam here.

There is no purposeful intent here.

We are trying to do the right thing and you aren't even trying to hear what they have to say.


dj, I'm a trugreen tech and what you're saying is half right.We still use Talstar for insecticide uses as it helps to knock down other insects, but chinch have now developed resistance.

Hence the need for Arena. Arena takes up to two weeks to take effect. Arena's systenic and has to be watered the same day for it to take effect because the grass has to absorb it. Chinch bugs essentially suck water out of the st.

augustine and inject poison. Once the grass has absorbed the arena and the chinch bugs do their thing, they die soon after. It protects with proper watering and mowing for 6-9 weeks treatment. The next time TruGreen is out for servicing your lawn, read the paper they leave on your door or call them and ask them to verify what I'm telling you if you don't believe me.

I understand your frustration, but next time, do a little research before you go bashing a company please. We do our best to make your lawn look as good as it can, but most people don't even know you're supposed and allowed by law to water your lawn the the same day you receive treatment(technically 24 hours).

And you water one hour per zone twice a week and any less than an hour the grass will develop a shallow root system.Thank you


this is another example of how anoing the home owner is when it comes to landscaping and horticultured.i am spray tech for a florida landsc.

company, they do apply a product mix with a fertilizer wich the main ingredient is bhiphentrum wich kills the chinch bug that its in the ground but doesnt stay on the groung for more than 7 to 10 days so for any egg that hatches afterwar will grow and kill the lawn no residual been on the ground to kill it. chinch bugs have been very resistant to this product because of people been over usen them. what people are chargin you extra is maybe for a product thats out in the market and works really good and has a residual of up to 90 days but its very expensive. the same happens when they charge you for a one time treatment app.

for ants , its because it has a residual of uop to a year, you still might still see some ants , but not to the extent of not app the product. tru green also has free service calls in case you are not satisfide with the service.

but to keep it real you alwasys going to have some problems with big companys beacause they have to meet a daily budget thats really high and because of the come and goes you might have a differnet spray tech on every visit.but do your research first before you :cry so much..


All sales made by TruGreen Salespeople are verified, the services are explained in absolute detail to each customer.Nothing is added to an account without verification, if by human error or data entry error something is added, they use the verification and every single time if it is company error the customer is credited or given equal or more expensive service in trade (depending on customer and their willingness to compromise).

Do mistakes happen....Heck yes, you want to know why, every single person who works their is 100% human (even if they have a foreign accent).

Goodness gracious, I had surgeries that had horrible complications, and I never complained as much as some of you do about your *** lawns!


To: Trugreen Customer

I forgot to mention that the neighbors on both sides of me also used Trugreen for a short time and then cancelled because they were not satisfied with the services. Trugreen has a lot of customers in my neighborhood, but none of them has a nice lawn. The two best lawns belong to guys who do everything themselves.


To: Trugreen Customer

It sounds to me like you work for Trugreen.If you are such a satisfied customer, why are you on a web site called pissedconsumer.com????

The only reason I have stayed with Trugreen for so long is that they are cheaper than all the other companies I got quotes from - not because Trugreen is the best. They keep spraying the weeds in my yard but they never die.

The only reason I keep using them is that they are better than nothing.I used to have a beautiful yard, but it has gone downhill in the last few years, so they are not doing a very good job anymore.

Wyandanch, New York, United States #150360

To DJ:

DJ I'm only stating the facts; TruGreen its a good company or do you have a different reason for sticking with them for 9 years? I been with them for 3 and so far I'm happy and I will stay with them for as long as they show me they can take care of my lawn...

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