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TruGreen provides extremely poor service in the Richmond VA area. I have had to call Trugreen numerous times for the chronic *** problem with my lawn.

I requested on multiple occassions to have the manager come out to take a look at the poor condition of the lawn or call me to discuss this issue and have yet to recieve a call back. The sad part is I have been a customer for over 7 years and multiple homes and this has to be the worst service I have ever received.

Good luck maintaining your just lost one today!

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Buyer beware! Deceptive practices - we've used them for a couple of years but decided to cancel ALL their services.

After calling them the first time, they took off only one service and kept the rest on the account - found out only by going online to check on the account status. Called them a second time and they promised they'll cancel all the remaining services, which turned out to be false again based on the online status, as they'd scheduled us for additional services in the future.

They seem to take advantage of the fact that most customers wouldn't follow-up on the cancellation request, and the company will then continue performing unsolicited services and bill the customers (who naturally wouldn't want to pay the bill), and the company will then send the bill to the collection agency. Other customers seem to have a similar issue based on complaints with BBB - so again, buyer beware!


Just to correct Don's last statement. The local branch is not the problem.

It is the national company that is the problem. Local branches used to be able to operate more under their own accord with help from corporate. Now, corporate runs the show, and the local branches are forced to operate on their terms even when customers and employees suffer.

The national company is ruining it's own reputation to make a quick buck and sell off to the first sucker that will ***. Books will be cooked, and someone will lose.


Customer service from the local Richmond,VA Trugreen office has gone down hill quickly. I used to be handled out of Charlottesville but apparently the two offices merged sometime this year.

Can never get through to the local number and calls roll over to "800" with no call back when requested. I too have used Trugreen for a number of years and they are at my place at least two times a month 6 or more months out of the year.

Shame that a national company's reputation is being ruined by local office but it is. I will be looking for another alternative ASAP!!!

Wildwood, Florida, United States #419709

If you don't get a response from your local Branch, then try posting your complaints to TruGreen's FaceBook page. TruGreen's "Customer Care Team" will get right on it and see that your problems get resolved to your satisfaction!

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