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TruGreen employees need organized representation. I will list the reasons below.

1-The pay system is unfair, half rate overtime is paid.

2-The treatment of employees is unfair.

3-Managers are encouraged to treat hard working employees poorly by upper management.

4- Long term employees are harassed into leaving.

5- Poor working conditions.

6- Constant sexual and other forms of illegal harassment are ignored by management.

7- Seniority means nothing.

8- No real pattern to promotions and raises.

9- Poor medical benefits.

10- Toxic waste and working with cancer causing chemicals.

11- Poor training.

Any TruGreen employee/associate reading this message,I encourage to contact a local organizing entity such as the Teamsters. You need to grab your future and forceably make Trugreen a better place while protecting yourselfand your family.

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Every branch in every city, town and state should operate with the fear of being unionized. This company deserves it. It stole from it's employees for nearly two decades and has promoted a toxic and unsafe work environment.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1338482

You place far too much faith in unionization. The only thing a union would do for you is demand monthly dues which they would then use to bribe politicians while ignoring members needs.

Take a look at any of the large unions.

The bottom line is that if you don't like the conditions under which you work, resign and find another job more to your liking. This is not rocket science.

to h.kitchener #1357567

Save your corporate union avoidance training provided drivel for someone dumb enough to buy it. I walked out on that *** ball company nearly a decade ago and have not looked back.

My current job is a union job and it is the best one I ever had. There is a system of grievance and complaints are taken seriously. Work place safety is of utmost importance and not one of the workers is "lazy" as you brainless twits have been instructed to say. Trugreen on the other hand is dishonest, unethical and they border on criminal.

The work environment is toxic, it is unsafe and the upper management is incompetent.

They practiced wage theft for over two decades and should be forced to pay every employee who worked in that time frame back. Had the workforce been unionized, it would have never happened.

to The Nasty Truth #1357568

Pissed C envokes creative editing. I did not write this comment in a way that it would be mispragraphed like it is. Oh well, you get the point anyway.

Flint, Michigan, United States #1338453

Unfortunately attempts to unionize TruGreed fall flat in a hurry! Right when you hire on with them you get writer's cramp signing-off on a bunch of Release Documents.

One is where you must declare that you will NEVER attempt to form nor join a union while being an employee of TruGreen. Plus managers go thru a training seminar every winter on how to curtail union discussions/activity

to K Lobdell #1357570

I went through that training while I was there. It is chock full of lies, union stereo types and misinformation.

It, like every thing else related to that company, relies upon the ignorance of it's workers.

The illegal pay system, the overly aggressive production goals and illegal sales tactics were more examples of their taking advantage of their employees and customers. They are the worst company ever and deserve to be out of business.


Yeah, it sounds like a good idea in theory except when you take into consideration TruGreens history when dealing with unions... The last branch/division that breathed the word "union" was shut down overnight resulting in over 50+ people becoming unemployed the following day.

to Anonymous #1357569

Either they should unionize or be forced out of business. They are that bad of a company.

Would they go so far as to close every branch if there was a threat to unionize each one?

One would hope not but nothing would surprise me with this company. Their upper management isn't the brightest lot on earth.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #773113

Unionize today TGers. That is if that horrible company, lead by total incomptents, is still around in a week from now. From what I heard they are heorrhaging money like a peptic ulcer does blood.


I am reminded of the old labor union slogan: "An Injury To One Is An Injury To All!"

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #630908

Unionize, Protect your paycheck!


:) I agree 100%%%%My husband was a loyal Tru Green employee for 7 long yrs.He was making the same amount he made when he left,as when he started.Bullcrap!Worked 6 days a week,and nothing to show for it.The company over works and under pays employees.Why would you want to hire them to do work for you?The turn over rate is so high,they hire any ***.Tom or Harry to work there,they don't know squiddly about weeds,grass and what herbicides that need to be applied.BEWARE of these JOKERS!!!!!


I work for Scotts currently and couldnt agree more.. Scotts Lawn Service and I'm sure trugreen as well treat there employees like trash and the pay plan, half rate overtime is rediculous not to mention the forced saturdays after working 55plus hrs in the first five days, a promise of a bonus and not to get one, working with hazordous materials and being told that masks scare the customer, and so on and so on..

I think this really needs to happen.. I plan on quittinig soon but still would want this to happen, employess should not be treated this way..

to Chris J #1397855

Well the whole TruGreen vs. Scotts is a non-issue now, since TruGreed bought out Scotts Lawn Service in 2016 and merged them.

Looks to me like TruGreed has bounced back from the Great Recession rather nicely!!

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #175783

sounds like this last loser subscribes to the corporate rhetoric spewed by the likes of TG. Get over it and understand that companies like TG get what they deserve. Shame on them for creating an environment that would cause employees to discuss such things as this!


WTF unions have ruined American businesses and do NO good anywhere they enter. Thousands suffer when they enter the mix. Hey I get that people get pissed @ the places they work, but you will truly F yourself by doing something this ***.

to A union are you ***??? Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #616361

Right. Now that Trugreen is headed down the dumper and has never been unionized, what's your excuse now, butt munch?

to Haha Worthington, Ohio, United States #754646

This whole union thing is a slippery slope. Back in the 1980's a Branch in the Detroit region went on a "wildcat" strike and tried to join a Union.

It ended up being a total debacle. A one week "lock out" solved that problem. Besides....Labor Unions are on the decline in this country.

More and more States are becoming "Right to Work" States. Which allows employees of union companies to opt-out of union membership.

to Jim Rini Dover, Delaware, United States #1210867

Unions stand at a 58% approval rating. Seems when not hindered by corporate threats and/ or sabotaged by the politicians owned by said corporations, unions fare quite well with working folks.

The reason is simple, companies like TruGreen are dishonest and do not deal with labor fairly. When this company is either unionized or no longer existing, they can blame themselves.


Count me in. I would LOVE nothing more than to see TG unionized. It is absolutely sinful that they get away with the horrible treatment and the illegal pay plan.

It is time.

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