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My neighbors use TruGreen. Their lawn looks dead.

Mine is green. I don't use a lawn service or lawn chemicals. My soil is the same as theirs. The point is that TruGreen tells my neighbors that the chemicals are safe and "organic-based," which to me means the base can be organic with anything added to it.

TruGreen came a month ago and sprayed *** and grub killer on my neighbors' lawn in 40 mile an hour winds in advance of a big rain storm. Not surprisingly, the spraying didn't work because what chemicals didn't get blown all over the neighborhood got washed down the storm drain. A month later they are here again. My tongue is burning and I have a headache so I assume TruGreen is Spraying a generous dose.

The man who sprayed wore only rubber gloves for protection and no mask or protective clothing. His pants were wet to the knees with lawn chemicals. It is supposed to rain for the next five days so he will be back again in a month when my neighbors complain that the grubs and weeds remain. Why do my neighbors, also my friends, place their fear of weeds and grubs and love for their lawn ahead of the environment and their friends' and neighbors' health?

They do it because TruGreen sales people have told them that their products are safe and organic based and will dissipate within 48 hours. My neighbors don't seem to get that dissipate means to go into the air for all of us to breathe. Grrrrrr.

I hate TruGreen. Agressive sales and deceptive practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Service.

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I share your frustration, I have the same situation, a neighbor who uses Trugreen and every time I ride by their house to get to mine and see the Trugreen truck, I cringe! Have no idea what chemicals they are spraying from their truck that will end up in MY air space!

I'm a firm believer in pulling weeds by the roots the old fashion way.

It's much more effective and really not all that time consuming if you do it in sections over the course of a few days. I think it's very unfair that my family mist be subjected to involuntary chemical exposure due to someone else's choices, what about our choice to breath clean air??


If their dead grass is not due to hot dry weather it might be the wrong type of grass for the area. Yhey need to apply new seed that is compatable with the area.


You don't need a *** hazmat suit to put *** control and fertilizer, guy. Stop blaming your problems on a lawn service company.

to Grey #1561523

2my dog is 5 years old with lymphoma cancer caused by lawn pesticides...


https://www.consumersafety.org/products/roundup-weed-killer/It most certainly does. The guy claims it doesn’t works as a TruGreen lobbiest

Fulton, New York, United States #1024322

So do I. This is perhaps the most vile company on Earth.

How is it even legal? I live right on a *** river; a major tributary to Lake Ontario (the drinking water for millions).

Buffalo, New York, United States #995461

Looking to move my amazingly nice neighborhood just because of the toxic smell and dangers.

Solon, Iowa, United States #849869

Tru Green poisoned my land today. In my 60 plus years I have never sprayed any chemicals .

They sprayed my property which was the wrong address. And then they blew me off. So my organic garden is no more. My tongue and lips are tingling.

This is an outrage. They need to remove the soil and grass and replant.

They need to be prosecuted for poisoning my land, my family, my pets and the wildlife that inhabits my land! HELP!

to Air m #1487282

Law suit..


Tru Green advertises on the net that their fertilizer is safe for lakes. But it contains bone meal which is composed of phosphorus, one of the two worst ingredients (along with nitrates) to go into a lake. They both promote growth of plants - which means hello invasive species such as Eurasion milfoil and goodbye to swimming and boating in the lake because the weeds will grow!!


I am a Trugreen employee. I don't understand your "head ache and itchy tongue" I spray these chemicals 40+ hours a week and have never experienced these symptoms. Perhaps yoy should see a doctor.

to TruthGreen #986186

Everyone is different some people are more susceptible than others. Some people's bodies are very sensitive to chemicals.

When I am around the smell of certain plastics, pesticides and herbicides, and even strong perfumes, I not only get a headache and sore throat, but I am often dizzy and vomiting.

I won't say you are lucky as your tolerance equals longer term exposure, which will very possibly translate to health concerns down the line for you.

There are too many studies linking workers with long term health problems including respiratory diseases and cancers. I guess some people's bodies are better warning them than others.

to Anonymous #1012249

Your sensitivity is your problem, not your neighbors.

to Anonymous #1466819

We should all be concerned about each other, especially with chemicals going into the environment all around you. If someone has an issue, then we all should be wondering why.

Look up the chemical composition of their lawn feed and *** killers...weed KILLERS.

Big hint there. This whole "sucks to be you" attitude is what's killing neighborhoods and, indeed, the whole country.

to TruthGreen Fulton, New York, United States #1024329

You must be an ***. I can taste that shi*! Enjoy your terminal cancer before you turn 60.

to TruthGreen #1524114

To truthgreen:You are a corporate puppet and *** Been in the industry for too long. Headaches are an everyday thing.

And yes it is poison. TruGreen is nothing more than another service industry scam.

And you work 40+ hrs a week. Lol fool!!

to Anonymous #1524116

Truthgreen is a shill

Emporia, Virginia, United States #750512

TruGreen "ChemicalLawn" is doing nothing but poisoning OUR planet. They hire inexperienced seasonal workers that couldn't care less, nor know how to do their jobs correctly.

After researching the myriad of complaints against their parent ServiceMaster; I ask everyone to BOYCOTT any of their businesses. All of the lawsuits against their companies are DISGRACEFUL!

One lie will lead to more! Help save our planet!!


TruGreen poisons our environment. Honestly the fact that people don't see it is beyond me. All lawn sprays should be illegal!!!!!


I worked for TruGreen for 7 years. I stuck it out for that long under the expectations that things would get better.

Ultimately I got fed up and quit as I was tired of being lied to. TruGreen could not care less about the chemical contamination of our communities. They had me out on properties 10 times a year; sometimes applying pesticides in the pouring rain. (Light rain is good/Heavy rain is NOT!).

And also had Techs spraying trees & shrubs in 40mph winds. (Any spraying over 20mph is wrong!). Work days were NEVER called-off due to bad weather. Managers would just tell us to work though the heavy rain & high winds.

"We can't take the risk of not hitting budget for the week/month/year." they would tell us. And yes, the sales tactics that Trugreen uses are very agressive, and deceptive!!!


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