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TRUGREEN.......Worst customer service in the world.Once they get your money, forget their guaranteed satisfaction.

They don't return phone calls, they don't show up when they say they will, they don't honor their promise of guaranteed satisfaction and they are about the worst run company I have ever had do work for me. I have 6750 square feet treated and it takes them exactly 10 minutes to treat an area of this size. Spent $963 with them last year (2011) and my lawn looks terrible.

Weeds rampant, bare spots still and no one will take responsibility for making it right.NEVER, NEVER HIRE TRUGREEN AS A LAWNCARE PROVIDER!

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have you ever aerated your lawn? compaction,sand or bad soil doesnt help grass. also,*** control will kill insects that feed on your grass and cause disease;but if youre talking about spiders and ants that enter the home; thats a whole new application you need to purchase yourself or look in to.

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so...did you water your lawn? were the weeds gone but no grass?

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how long were you on the service? and how was your lawn destroyed?

New York, New York, United States #1122795

It only takes a specialist with professional equipment; 1 minute to cover a 1000 sq ft. I am by no way shape or form telling you that you are not wrong,but the best way to handle any service with a large company is to actually make sure youre buying directly through the local office.


Today, TruGreen came out for the third time this year to treat our Dandelion problem.

I assume the serviceman was telling the truth when he said that he isn't permitted to spray Dandelions that are growing in flower beds or from cracks in the blacktop.

If he is CAUGHT doing so, he will be fined $2,400.00 from his pay. I don't know who would catch him but I didn't ask him to or insist that he do it, I just accepted the hard to believe excuse he gave me. BUT, my main reason for asking for the Dandelion treatment the third time was for a line of Dandelions that were growing in a strip of dirt between the driveway and a flower bed that was lined with brick. There are over 20 Dandelions growing in this area..not in a flower bed, not in the blacktop....growing in dirt and yet again, he refused to treat them, too close to plants and driveway.

These Dandelions are anywhere from 8" tall to about 16" tall...Seems the dirt must have been treated with fertilizer in the past since these plants seem to grow so BIG.

I decided that I am totally wasting money so I called Customer Service. I have ALWAYS had the friendliest and knowledgeable ladies answer the phone but I had to do what they didn't want to hear today, I canceled my service. After about 20 minutes of trying to get me to change my mind with offers and planning on sending "SPECIALIST" out to check out the problem I had to get just a little louder. I told her I did not want TruGreen to step...

She still wouldn't accept that and asked if it was still ok if they came out to feed and fertilize our trees and shrubs? OMG...I do not want ANY KIND OF TRUEGREEN SERVICE....then she asked if I still wanted them to Aerate the lawn in the Fall...She really didn't understand that I DID NOT WANT TRUGREEN TO SERVICE MY LAWN AT ALL, NEVER AGAIN....

Like I said, after about 20 or so minutes she finally canceled my account. I guess they're trained to not take NO for an answer.

We've had TruGreen's service for years and years and never had a Dandelion problem and now when we do, our years of paying the top dollar prices for their service, we don't seem to matter. They can't and won't treat for Dandelions growing in the lawn / patches of dirt because of Federal Law.

I told the lady, Dakota, that my Mother is 84 years old and lives on the first floor of the two family.

I'm 64 years old, heart trouble, arthritis, edema and cellulitis and use a cane when I walk,we've always taken care of our yard but its pretty much impossible now. We have to depend on companies and individuals to provide services for us. We pay alot to have the grass cut, gardens mulched and new plants planted for us, leaves raked and TruGreen to maintain a healthy lawn for us. Except for a couple of bare spots here and there, they have always done a good job...our lawn is very lush and thick and green.

And dotted here and there with Dandelions that they claim they won't treat them anymore for us. Somewhere in these comments someone suggested that you stay away from the big companies and look for the small local guys that give you much better service. Thats what I'll be doing. How does TruGreen stay on Angies List?

Not that I believe in Angie's List or would use them...paying for references is a little ridiculous.

I definitely would warn anyone about TruGreen.They do what THEY want, NOT what you need.

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to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1122796

You have to have a license to spray in mulch bedding or outside of grass. A specialist needs to use a vegetation grade *** control to hit those areas which in fact requires a license.


All I know is this stuff sprayed on lawns, stinks, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.The smell is ruing my spring time.

I cannot smell the grass or the flowers, the smell lingers for days.

I smell the true green.I hope it rains soon

Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #965332

Best way to avoid the impersonal service is to deal directly with your local TruGreen outside reps or local office. Flyers with a Representatives number is the best way to avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple customer service representatives,from multiple states, who have a thousand other calls waiting. Also,water your lawn,that is obviously a critical part of keeping your lawn healthy.


Trugreen also sucks to work for. worst company I have ever worked for and my manager was worthless.


Completely destroyed my lawn. Everything is true. They don't do the service, they don't return phone calls, they don't care once they have your money...

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