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in the last week

Where to begin. The salesman Rafael lied several times just to get us to sign up with them. They promised us the world and back. He told me he would get me some free Bahia grass plugs to fill in a small area of my yard. 2 weeks later I asked him about it and he's like "oh yeah, let me get on that and I'll bring it you tomorrow." On a Saturday morning he calls me to inform me he went to pick up the ZOYSIA plugs but they were out until Monday... I told him we don't need ZOYSIA, we need BAHIA. And he said "oh ok great, I'll grab those then bring them to you later today." He calls me later to tell me that they don't even MAKE Bahia plugs... (so why did he promise them to me in the first place?)

We had asked for expedited service and we were told they should be there by Friday, it was a Weds when this happened. Never heard from anyone, so I called Rafael Friday to find out, and he said "oh well I put it in the system as expedited, but they might not get there until next week." (So another lie)

When the tech finally got here, he was friendly. They seemed to have the same products used for every house though, so your lawn isn't really evaluated and treated based on the condition, they're all treated the same. We have 4 other houses on our street that have TruGreen signs in front of their houses as well. So after our first application on our grass, I noticed brown/orange spray stains all over our brand new back patio, as well as spots on the driveway and sidewalk. I tried cleaning them, but it wasn't coming off easy. I took pics and sent them to Rafael, and he said "oh I'm sorry, that looks like lazy and poor application. I'll speak to the manager and get them to come out and clean it for you. Don't clean it yourself." Fine, I'll wait a few days for them to clean it, right? WRONG!

Rafael told me they would be coming in a few days. He said Friday or Monday. Friday comes, they don't show. Monday comes, they don't show. Tuesday I call, and find out they have a service call for Weds. Weds comes, the SAME technician, Frank, that made the stains to begin with, calls me to tell me that he doesn't have the stain remover and didn't know what he was coming to my house to do, so he has to reschedule... at this point it's almost 2 weeks the stains have been setting in from the sun...

I told Frank if they can't get the stains out of my patio this week then I'm canceling everything. He said he'd talk to them and get back to me. He never did. I texted Rafael, how we usually communicated, about the situation letting him know what's going on, I see he read the text message, but he too, never replied.

I finally had it, and called and spoke to Cyndy (sp?), a manager at the local Office near Apopka. I explained everything and she apologized, and told me that Rafael hadn't even spoken or mentioned anything to a manager, like he said he did. So no one even knew of my situation...

She also explained that the stains could have been from a windy day, and then I told her about all 4 of my neighbors, how ONLY the houses with TruGreen signs in their yards have the same exact same stains all over their driveways and sidewalks, and some even worse! Some have the technicians footprints in them walking up and down their driveway!

Now they FINALLY came to "fix" their mistakes and they RUINED MY LAWN!!! The chemicals they used destroyed and bleached our expensive zoysia grass, and now we are the laughing stock of the neighborhood!

I want a refund for the services I paid for, and I want them to replace the sod they killed!

This company is a joke, even the manager told me the salesmen will LIE to you and promise you the world because they work off commission. So those are the people you have representing your company? This was only our FIRST application too! Imagine if we kept them what else would go wrong!

So done with this company. Should have read the reviews before agreeing to anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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