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I have tried for over 6 months to have the TruGreen Lewis Center, Ohio stop their services.

I have called there corporate office and filed a complaint to stop calling our home and stop their services.

There services are overpriced and do not perform. Our yard is not any better since they serviced it.

They continue to call for service or offer new services. Each time it is a different person. They do not communicate with each other.

They promise to stop calling and their service but they continue to call and if you are not at home continue to service and submit a billing.

Review about: Trugreen Lawn Service.

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Ugh! I have a headache!!

:upset I took yet another sales call from "TooGreen". Their constant calling is precisely why I cancelled them over a year ago. I have also asked them more than once to delete my old account from their system, and put my phone number on their Do Not Call list.

You know, it has occurred to me, that if I ever called an ex-girlfriend as much as TooGreen calls me, I'd have a Restraining Order taken out against me for stalking!!! :eek


I worked for truegreen at the Lewis center branch aa a route manager for 3 years. Worst company ever!!

I still have nightmares about that place. I was told by my boss numerous times to put water on the lawn or act like your doing something!

Any customer in westerville should be happy that I worked hard and didnt listen to them but had to leave the company since they treated customers horrible and employees even worse! Management should be put in jail for the way they rip people off.(andrea) if any company should be closed down for horrible practices it should be this company!

Wildwood, Florida, United States #349308

In response to the post written by "Tom the bomb" on 3-19-11. There have been numerous Class Action Lawsuits filed against TruGreen by customers, employees, and others who have been damaged by TruGreen. Some suits have been closed and other are still active. Here is the list to date....

O. Sosa Teoba vs. TruGreen

Meckley vs. TruGreen

R. Villanueve-Bazaldua vs. TruGreen

Lee Esperson et. al. vs. TruGreen

Jeffrey vs. TruGreen

Angelos vs. TruGreen

Simmons vs TruGreen

Choe vs TruGreen

Elizabeth E. Mann et. al. vs TruGreen

Dunlavey vs TruGreen

Joseph Combs v TruGreen

Erb v TruGreen

Carr v TruGreen

Borque v Trugreen


If you tell the person that calls you to put you on our do not call list they will do so. it takes 2-3 months for your name and number to be cycled out of the lists.

the reason is that we print the lists to call and we use the same list for a little while until we have cycled though it or until we have gotten a hold of most of the people on it... so, after you are on the do not call list, you may receive a few more calls just because your name is still on someones list. annoying i know, i hate calling cancelled customers but thats how it works.

sucks. i prefer new clientele


they are treating my yard right now and my parents had the service discontinued... i'm going outside to make the man look like an *** when he is finished... because they don't have any of our credit information and i'm not paying for something i didn't ask for


It seems to me a class action suit may be in order!!!!!!

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