Wood Dale, Illinois
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Trugreen Lawn - whatever you do DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER!!! Had a sales rep stop by Saturday afternoon.

Am having a few lawn problems so I was interested in hearing what they had to offer. Reasonable enough product. Told them I would do some research and to call me back. Well 18 calls later - the last one this evening at 8:15 p.m.

- they are still calling and will not stop. I have talked to multiple people and they all ask the same questions and act like they have no clue someone from their company has already been told, no thank you, I am not interested. The odd thing is if they would have left me to call them back a day later on Monday when I said I would I might have taken their business. Not now - no way, no how!

What a lousy company to do business with - unorganized and only interested in the sales pitch. Stay away, run, run far away. I am at the point I just told the last person I will send a BBB complaint or legal letter stating to not call and do not come on my property. What a sales scam.

My research led to this website and I am glad it did as others have experienced the same harassment and feverish sales frenzy.

Arghhhh! Pat in Illinois.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Service.

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Same thing here! Called for an estimate and I have different people calling me non-stop.

Phone ringing off the hook. No matter how many times I tell them to stop and even when I call their corporate number, it keeps happening.

The lady today told me it may take a couple of months to get me activated on their Do Not Call List! Complete *** I will never ever use TruGreen and I will tell everyone I know that they suck!


I can confirm they are still doing this. I got 8+ calls yesterday. Some after I even asked them to stop.


If you are still receiving harassing unwanted phone calls from Trugreen I can help. There’s a potential class action against them for this.

They make around 3 millions cold calls a year!!!! I bet 80% of those are repetitive and unwanted.

If you want participate in this class action call me at 406-219-7798 or email sam@mypirl.com. www.mypirl.com



to Anonymous #1531930

I am dealing with similar cases and I can help! Call me at 4zero6-2one9-77nine8


While at a funeral, they called 6 times from 4 different phone numbers to try and sell pest control. Not happy!

to Anonymous #1531931

I am dealing with similar cases and I can help! Call me at 4zero6-2one9-77nine8

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1315127

Same story. Actually got a stop order from the company, which they continue to ignore.

They have repeatedly phoned us while we were on holiday in California and they send a letter every two weeks, which we return "Not at this address!".

Obviously they don't believe us because they keep sending letters. *** waste of time and money on their part.

to Tom #1531932

I am dealing with similar cases and I can help! Call me at 4zero6-2one9-77nine8

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1258587

My experience is similar but I had a resume posted on indeed.com and they called me for a job but i said i was not interested and they call at least 2-3x a day.....wth?!


They keep calling me also from 847 844 1440 Carpentersville IL. I received 4 call that I answered requesting they stop calling. I have received 30 calls in 3 months.

Their address is 840 Commerce Parkway Carpentersville IL60110-1721

to Anonymous #1531934

I am dealing with similar cases and I can help! Call me at 4zero6-2one9-77nine8


Having the exact same issuue. I hate this company!!

to Anonymous #1531935

I am dealing with similar cases and I can help! Call me at 4zero6-2one9-77nine8


I work for this *** company and I hate it as well as all my coworkers do...this company doesn't know nothing about lawn..sales guys don't even know what there doing they tell customers somethingwhich we dont do and when we come out the customer expects us to do what they were told..and the other thing those *** service calls..they want us to work in the rain and then people call for a service so its double the work..worst company to work for


Speaking as a former TruGreen office worker [CSR]; Here are the steps that all of you NEED to take to get TruGreen to stop calling you for good. First, you MUST specifically make a "DO NOT CALL" REQUEST.

By making this request, the employee must fill out a DNC CONFIRMATION Form stating that he/she went into the computer and put a "no solicit" on your number. And then went into the dialer and took your phone number out of the sales campaigns.

After this process is completed, your DNC Request must be filed in the "Do Not Call" File and kept for 2 years. You can also request a copy of the company's Do Not Call Policy to further assure that TruGreen complys with your DNC request.

to Little Miss Can't Be Wrong Greenville, Michigan, United States #994045

This does not work either,

to Little Miss Can't Be Wrong #1531938

The US governments Call policy is stated clearly in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Trugreen is in clear violation of the TCPA and will be required to pay a hefty fee for each and every single one of their harrassing phone calls to each individual. No one needs to go through the measures you outlined if this companied didn't violate the law.

Ugh! I have a headache!!

:upset I took yet another sales call from "TooGreen". All their constant calling is precisely why I cancelled them over a year ago. I have also asked then more than once do delete my old account from their system, and put my phone number in their Do Not Call list.

You know, it has occurred to me, that if I called an ex-girlfriend as much as TooGreen calls me, I'd have a Restraining Order taken out against me for stalking!!! :x
Tampa, Florida, United States #596842

Just so people know, TruGreed is a full-on marketing company that happens to dabble in lawn care. They will keep calling because, hey, the worst you can do will be to say "no".

And if you talk to someone else, you just might say "yes". That is how they operate and that is how they think.

You are a number, a dollar sign, not a customer, as they don't really care about your concerns. Spread the word.

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