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In 2016 I had Scott's Lawn service that was bought by TruGreen during the year. By the end of 2016 my lawn was in the worst shape ever with lots of weeds and bare patches in spite of their promise.

In the fall I signed up for aeration and seeding and was promised a Rebel brand of seed. When they came out they had a generic white bag of seed. The aeration was a poor job. The reseeding did not take and they said they would make it up by slit seeding in the spring.

They also admitted that their first service would contain pre-emergent and that would not let the new grass germinate. I required a call before service so that I could get the lawn cut and the leaves off the lawn before they put the pellets down. They usually called the evening before when there was no time to prepare for their service. I cancelled the TruGreen service in December and they would not take the cancellation, they said a manager would call me the next week to answer my questions.

I said I don't have questions, just cancel the service. I still got the bill for 2017 service and called and said no, just cancel the service. Several weeks later I got a call that they were coming out to service my lawn in the morning. I called and explained that I had cancelled the service and not to come out.

They again said that a manager would call to answer my questions but that the managers were all in an offsite meeting so they would not be available until the week after next. I again said that I did not want to talk to a manager; I just wanted the service cancelled. A manager finally called the next week and wanted to answer my questions. He did not have the history and I said I do not want to talk to you just tell me that the service has been cancelled.

I just got another call that they were coming out to service my lawn tomorrow. I called them again to cancel and again was told someone would call to answer my questions. I yelled at him and just said cancel my service and don't ever come near my lawn or call me again. He still did not want to cancel the service.

I am now very angry and I suppose I have to get an attorney to get them to leave me alone. TruGreen has been the worst customer service I have ever had.

I have another service since January who has been doing a great job and the lawn is recovering and the weeds are disappearing. The new service uses liquid instead of pellets and they call two days before coming out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Assure me that my service is cancelled and do not call me again.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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After reading all the complaints of how hard it is to cancel TruGreen, I came up with a plan. FIRST of all I used their instant message live chat thing to initiate the conversation.

Then I told them a sad sob story about a death in the family, so they would look like *** if they tried to hound me. They gently nudged me to maybe put my account on hold or how could they keep me. Then I continued to point out that I would have costly funeral expenses that I just didn't know when I would recover from.

So they cancelled my account. Fairly easy really.

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