4 year customer using their service for *** control. Atlanta, GA, Loganville office.

After multiple calls and complaints they assigned one tech to do my yard, he was able to do it.

Tech left and for the past 1 year I have called and complained. I resorted to placing flags where the weeds were (didn't work) weeds still were overtaking the yard. I spray painted standing weeds bright orange thinking the tech would take care of them. Didn't work.

I have called and complained after cutting the yard. For the last 9 days in a row I have called every day and have asked to speak with the branch manager and to set up a meeting with him/her to let them look at their work. For 9 days I have waited on the phone while they try to find me in their system (each day ((almost a joke now)) they are unable to find my records- the phone reps have used every excuse, system down, system slow, incorrect input of my data) funny the bills don't seem to have problems reaching me and the checks seem to reach them.

Each day I have had an earnest phone rep say the branch manager would call me that day and set up a meeting time where they could look at the mess they have made of my yard. I am on hold (55 minutes so far today) as I write this. Each day passes with no calls from the manager supervisor.

My yard is overrun with weeds.

They have managed to kill one blackberry bush patch, but not the weeds.

They call every month and ask for me to try their other services, tree fertilization etc. when I inform them that they can't kill the weeds why would I buy any other services.

Their internal office record keeping is awful with my records.

Review about: Trugreen Lawn Fertilization Service.

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