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I have given this company in Memphis, TN more chances than the law should allow. I really believe they are spraying water.

This cannot be a LAWN CARE company when the more they spray the more weeds I have. OMG! I complain every year, then they send a tech out to spray...and I continue services. It has become a ritual practice.

When u complain...then they come out and kill the weeds, along with your grass. Trugreen has serviced my lawn for nearly five years. I must be a glutton for punishment!! I called this spring around May 17th or 18th and complained about the overwhelming weeds in my yard.

The customer serv. rep. was such an airhead that she tells me I was due for a service in a couple of days and a tech will come out and I will be charged. I asked her did she think I needed to be charged based on my complaints.

My yard was Horrifying! My plans were to have My wedding in my own yard. I envisioned a beautiful backyard wedding. Well, that is clearly not an option at this point.

Well, the service rep and I came to a mutual agreement that a tech would be sent out for to spray for those existing weeds. At that time, I told her that I no longer wanted Trugreen to touch my yard. After they came out to spray (free of charge) I needed a manager to follow up with me; a phone call and also to come out and take a look at all the weeds. The service rep.

stated that she was scheduling for a tech to come out and for a manager to call me. On May 20th a Trugreen tech came out to spray. He knocked on the door, but I did not answer...but I continued to look out my window. My weeds were so tall that he pulled some up with his hands.

Now that is BAD! He sprayed, then another Trugreen Tech came out on May 22nd. OMG!....what for? And I still have all these weeds and I cancelled services.

A manager had not called at all and someone came out to spray? I thought I cancelled services! Well, I was billed for May 20th and May 22nd. So, Here we go again.

I placed ANOTHER phone call somewhere around the first of June to complain that I had been billed. Well the serv rep states that I will be refunded for the one that was free. I explained to her that I cancelled services and no one from Trugreen should have come out to spray. She states that she will have a manager to call and schedule to come out.

Well, I did hear from the corporate office and they were more concerned about reinstating my service, instead of resolving the problems that I have with Trugreen. I reiterated that Trugreen was NOT to touch my lawn until I speak to a manager and that manager comes out and looks at my lawn. Well, Guess what? (U almost have to laugh to keep from being so upset) I come home from work on Friday and Trugreen had serviced my yard!

What the Heck?

These people are trying to make some money and weeds are growing like crazy in my yard! People please beware!

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I work for TruGreen and these complaints are 100% on. If you ever cancel and you have a gate, LOCK IT!

We can't charge you if the back doesn't get done. (Not that they still won't try!) Please don't blame the Tech that does your lawn, as he is basically forced to do the job. Yes, some Techs are ***, and they will do your lawn, (sometimes just part of it), without knocking on the door. Knocking is company policy.

Anytime a customer cancels, the Tech is the one that gets blamed. Even if the customer has moved or died, the Tech get negative points on his NPS, (Net Promoters Score). I once went to a home for the first time, and the lady said she was going to sue me for coming to her house. She told me that she had already canceled 3 times to 3 different people!

I didn't even know she ever cancelled. In the end she apologized to me and said that she felt bad for me. I once even had a gun pulled on me for trespassing when I was going to do a lawn, and a dog sent at me! All because the company refuses to take NO for an answer.

I was pulled out of my route and put in another, because I refused to do cancelled houses.

It's all about the management putting pressure on the Techs, to do as many homes as possible, by any means necessary. TruGreen is not good to its customers or employees!

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