We were the only house on the block to use a commercial service like TruGreen. Not coincidentally ours was the only lawn to die during the winter. It took until May to grow back, and only because we manually scraped the dead grass off our lawn. Meanwhile, our neighbors' lawns were full and green weeks earlier.

TruGreen called our house maybe once or twice a week to ask for our business back. I told them why we canceled several times. Finally, sick of the calls, I told them that instead of pestering me, they should offer to refund me the few hundred dollars we spent on a dead lawn. The TruGreen rep said he'd talk to a manager, but forgot to hang up. I heard him call me a "***" to his colleague.

Needless to say, I'll tell anyone and everyone not to use TruGreen.

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im having the same problem after winter are grass is the only one brown and dead and we are the only ones that used tru green im soo pissed


TRUGREEN is the worst, killed my lawn in under a year!


Our yard is beautiful!! Thanks again Trugreen!!!!!!


Trugreen is the worst company ever.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #610916

I had Trugreen come out to spray for weeds and advise on the cause of the dead turfgrass.That took about 2 weeks, (at least 10 calls), of me begging to get them to come out.

They said the dead Fescue grass was due to the drought. Yet my neighbors Fescue was doing just fine! Plus I have a sprinkler system, and the neighbors don't. VERY dissapointed in their service.

I filed a complaint with the BBB. I wanted to get my money back for the year's service, since TruGreen guarantees their service. TruGreen says they will only refund 1 service. All I asked them was to take a little responsibility.

You would think that a large company like them would man-up, but they never did. I had the County Ag Agent come out, and his assessment was that TruGreen over-fertilized in the heat of summer, causing dieback. I found out later that this was a common problem with TruGreen lawn customers, as they spray a quick-release high nitrogen urea fertilizer.

TruGreen should have taken ownership of the issue.To see my video of my burnt lawn, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQc2ivqqa-Y


I tried Tru Green for the first time.Big mistake.

Lawn was in good hands before. Now, Tru Green, made it worst. Crab grass everywhere - never had before Tru Green. Asked them to fix it.

Grass turned brown - never has before Tru Green. Called and left messages 5 times. Never heard back from Tru Green.

Every time I call, they "Add Note" in my account about my call.Stay away from Tru Green.


The two people that post on behalf of the company must have only made it to 3rd grade.Overall the company is a ripoff .

The store products are cheaper and work better. So people are on wells or have drought restrictions.

Trugreen don't care.Trugreen motto "Take the money and run"


We followed their directions to the t, we watered and mowed correctly...our front yard looks okay but our backyard is DEAD.The tech showed up on days on more than one occassion just before it rained and never came back to re-treat.

$400.00 to ruin the back yard and $1,000.00 to replace.There goes the kids trip to Disneyworld right down the sink.


We decided to use TruGreen this year, which has turned out to be the biggest mistake ever.The first application was fine, in the spring.

The second seemed OK then, three of four days later 40-50% of my lawn browned and started to die. A TruGreen rep came out after much pestering, and stated it was my dog’s urine that had done it. After even more pestering, the district manager came out and agreed the lawn had been damaged by their treatment and would come out in the fall to aerate and seed. Sometime after the manager was here, they treated again, completely overstressing the lawn and killing most of the rest of the lawn.

Even the Bermuda grass, normally the only thing green in a drought, and extremely hard to kill, is now a brown spot in my lawn. Here it is almost the end of Oct. and still no aeration or seed, I am on the phone with someone to complain almost weekly. "A rep will contact you within 48hrs," is all I seem to ever get.

Some individuals from the company do seem knowledgeable and care what the company image is, but they have not been the ones “servicing” my lawn, if they were, this would be much better.Needless to say, this will be the last time I use this company for my lawn care.


I think it is funny to see all these people talking about how they had there lawn treated one or two time's.Lawns don't up in bad shape over night.

So it can't be fixed overnight. It usually gets worse before it gets better. Be patient allow the program to work.

Obviously Trugreen is doing something right to have 2 million customers across the US.Happy Trugreen Customer OC, California

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