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Roger Christensen, the New Jersey Region V.P. of TruGreen is a horrible person and an incompetent manager and person. Many employees have left this company due to directives set forth by him. It is time the power that be deal with him.

Christensen has an abusive management style.He passes this style on to those who manage the branches under his umbrella. Many employees of this company have left due to this style,that he endorses. This even exists in this uncertain economy.

He is a presumptuous, self important ***, who makes poor evaluations of his employees. He has forced out employees who have worked several years years for TG, and never missed so much as a days work. He manages with an air of arrogance,and it shows among those who have fallen under his spell.

Mike Matejik, Kevin Davis and Marvin Benefield in Wilmington,DE, Dave Myers, Sian Davis and Jim Troutman at the Malvern, PA facility, Kevin Rankine and Tom McDevitt in Warminster,PA, Bob Recktenwald and Dave Stewart in South Jersey are all whom have fallen under his spell of incompetence. These people have proven that his lack of people skills have underminded their ability to treat people fairly. But,they are career minded and don't mind who they disregard. Just as Roger would like.

It is said among the ranks of TruGreen's New Jersey region, that Christensen generally dislikes his employees. This is unless you play golf at a high level.This way you benefit him personally. This might win him a golf game or two, meaning money for him.This also leads to unfair treatment of those who do not play golf. For it is known he has no use for these employees.

The turn over rate in the N.J. region is an absolute disgrace. It has been for years. Roger Christensen failed miserably to address that situation. It is horrible, even in this time of economic uncertainty. You would think that a place that has a job for folks would keep employees in this economy. This tells me people would rather starve than work for TG. Proud of ya Roger.

In closing I would like to state that Roger Christensen and the mentioned cronies above are jerks.They have sold their souls to the devil and will burn in ***. I hope their mothers are proud of them. Roger I hope your mother is proud of you.

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Bartlett, Tennessee, United States #1119993

When the 'great recession' hit, Corporate couldn't see the beckoning heights. The ship was taking on more water than it could bail, and they refused to retrench.

Many of TruGreen's ventures were ill-conceived, born out of naivete, and had too little input by career lawn people. Instead, Corporate hired retail "taste-makers" that squandered money that should have gone into fundamental improvement of the service.

There is no business problem solving, but an overriding group-think process of forgetting reality, and going on theory and rhetoric. The rest is history, and hindsight is cheap -- and far too easily indulged!


So now it appears TruGreen and Scott's are merging. CDR will own 80% of the new company and Scott's will own 20%.

It will be run by TruGreen's CEO.

This shows how CDR cash has saved that horrible company. I say more than ever that TruGreen should be out of business period. They have treated their employees horribly by participating in wage theft.

They have treated their customers poorly by providing bogus services and they have treated the environment poorly by dumping toxic chemicals everywhere.

The most disappointing thing is that it allows this fraud Christenson to escape yet again. It angers me that this incompetent fool always finds a way to get by.

to Anonymous #1111703

Actually the percentage division in the TruGreen-Scotts acquisition/merger is TruGreen: 70%. And Scotts: 30%.

The current President of Scotts Lawn Service will become the COO of the new TruGreen-Scotts merged companies. As far as Roger Christenson goes.

Like him or not; he has been with TruGreen since the 1980's. And he is firmly entrenched in his position with TruGreen as a Regional Vice-President.

to Anonymous Dover, Delaware, United States #1123088

So no response to the wage theft issue? Seems to me that is an undeniable crime that could have used some addressing in your response.

I wonder if the opportunity for a Lawncare/ Horticultural Specialists exists since the lawsuit. From what I've been told, wages have been cut and overtime denied. The company as a whole had a horrible time keeping employees before. I can't help but think that the problem must have grown substantially.

My stance on Roger Christenson is that he has misjudged some, not all, of his employees completely.

He has written employees off who went fifteen years without missing a days work. That coupled with producing and managing hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of production for him. The reason this happened is because he demanded too much say in how the branches were run versus trusting the people he put in place. Simply put, if Roger felt a certain way about an employee, it mattered little as to what his branch managers were saying, he felt there was little use for that employee outside of killing themselves by running a route.

He also put more emphasis on the "opinions" of certain people underneath the Branch Manager postition. It seems that this reliance concerned the performances of employees by those not in position to make said evaluations. Therefore Roger naively misjudged certain employees based on biases and those with agendas. This a situation painfully familiar throughout corporate America, seemed especially at hand within the branches of his region.

As a result many abled bodied employees left never to be replaced. So then now I hear and read of the troubles TruGreen has been having over the past few years and I find myself not suprised. It's sinful and shameful and Roger should've been better than that.

Maybe, just maybe had he been smart enough and a good enough leader to override the talk and rely on people he hired, things might have been a little better. Sadly we will never know.

to Thinking hard #1128814

Although I think you are correct when you call out his meddling in the branches, I think you miss a few things. First of all Roger Christenson was out of touch.

He was guilty of viewing things at what he calls "thirty-thousand feet". Which is his way of saying that he's not completely in tune with what's happening in his branches. So when you say he meddled that's true but it was only at the level that it caused disruption and was never a result of micro managing. So those two things you have gotten wrong.

This is where his reliance on certain people comes in. He felt that by taking his branch management teams at their word he would never get the "full story". So he had a network of people within the branches that would tell him what he thought the real issues were. Those issues included the job performance of certain employees.

Unfortunately due to his naivety, Roger decided to trust these people and did not consider that these people may have personal biases and that many of them were not qualified to make proper employee evaluations. In the end, many good employees left to pursue other careers. I am one hundred percent convinced that the past few years would be different for his region had he had the insight to save those employees.

I just wonder how many other regions this went on in. I havefelt for several years now that TruGreen never deserved good employees based on the way they have treated them.


Did you mean simply? Pissed C sometimes envokes creative editing.


Here it is a decade later and ole Roger Christenson has yet to be dealt with by the "brain trust" of TruGreen. It is for reasons such as this that they continue to fail as a company.

Word on the street is that this company would not exist if it were not for the cashflow provided by Clayton, Dubelier and Rice.

Talk is they will no longer be around in six months once CDR cuts their losses. Ole Rogers incompetence will be a very large factor.

to Anonymous Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1042945

It is clear that CDR is close to cutting ties to that loser of a company. They do.ply have better ideas of investment.

TruGreen will no longer exist as we know it once they are sold to Scott's.

Rumor has it that ole RC is to blame Sue to his poor handling of the New Jersey/ Philadelphia region. That is a region that brings in a large amount of revenue.


The problem is that TruGreen is an old antiquated business offering old services from a bygone era. They relied on the sucess of the 1990's so much and were painfully slow to change their core business model.

Throw in poor management decisions, horrible customer service, poor products and outward mistreatment of employees.

This is a recipe for absolute failure that has me wondering how they lasted this long. Well, it is the end of the road for that company and thankfully so for the American middle class as no company fully represented the sustained war on them as did TruGreen.


Ole Rog and the boys must be running scared these days. TruGreen has been spun off from Service Master making it stand on it's own merit.

I predict it will be out of business by the end of this year.

But this is what happens when you willfully disregard your employees by congering up illegal pay plan after illegal pay plan. This is also what happens when you disregard your customers by creating an evironment of employee dissatisfaction therefore allowing an incredible rate of turn over. That translates directly to customer service. This coupled by poor service, poor products and poor training.

So long TruGreen. My only regret is that I wasted 14 years of my life at such a dirtbag company.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #599203

Sociopath. That's all Roger is. No remorse, no care etc


Sounds like Roger C. is an absolute ***.


Incompetend or incompetent? Christensen or Christenson

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #185226

Dirty tricks and black listing are among the deeds done by Roger Christensen to people of whom he dislikes. How can a person who manages with such bias and lack of understanding of his employees keep his job?

Sad part is that he never cared that he was denying people their livelihood.

The only person that ever seemed to get what this guy was all about is a man named Chris Evans formerly Rogers Division V.P. He saw Roger as a fraud and was prepared to deal with him.

They then shuffled regions of responsibility and Roger escaped again. Typical of this horrible company and their inability to deal with the bad apples.

Mill Creek, Washington, United States #176868

A few years back the New Jersey Attorney General sued Trugreen for unauthorized applications? Thats right New Jersey the same region responsible to, none other than the man mentioned here....Roger "walking cliche" Christensen. Explains alot doesn't it?


You obviously are one of the lucky ones. This support did not extend to all of his employees.

Believe me, no one is looking for a free ride esp. how hard we worked for him. You simply do not expect a free ride when you show up daily and bust your hump for him and his branches.

Fact is Roger fails to recognize performance based on his own bias and the misrepresentations of his uneducated minions who have an agenda. He rules from his bully pulpit.


I worked for Roger for over ten years, I dont golf and share the same interests. He also treated me with respect and gave me countless oppurtunities to better myself. You guys are looking for a free ride.


Roger Christensen of TruGreen,

You don't think that you and your minions can treat a person who worked hard for 14 years like you all did to me, and get away with it. Do you?

Are you so Naive to believe that I would have taken your politically motivated, unwarranted, fabricated by your butt munches demotion sitting down with out a fight. Did You?


I am amazed or should I say amused by philphan1 or Eric Wilhelm' poor attempt to disrespect for associates. He failed miserably at both branches where he was a manager.

He's lazy, inept, and posses poor leadership skills.

It is very evident that he has quite a lot of spare time, which is a typical of him.

Life is too short man to live in misery.

Eric get a life!

to Not A philphan New Cumberland, West Virginia, United States #586614

What I am amazed at is that TruGreen has lost over 3/4 of a billion dollars this year alone. At one time it was a billion dollar company.

That's 75% of their revenue. Tell me again who failed miserably?

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