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Trugreen is a scam! They promise a beautiful *** free lawn and I spent over $450 for the entire year.

Come spring my lawn is INFESTED with new weeds and their excuse is that you cannot see a real satisfactory result with just a one year treatment. You need to continuously continue treatment year after year.

To make it worse, they FAIL to tell you that your treatments continue year after year so don't be surprised if you get billed all of a sudden the following year.

Then comes the real headache of phone tag with the company. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOUR RICH AND CAN AFFORD TO COUGH UP $400-$500 EVERY YEAR FOR MEDIOCRE RESULTS.

Review about: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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As a matter of general information, consumers should be aware that many lawn service companies use a "negative service agreement". This means that service continues until the lawn company is notified that the customer wishes to cancel.

In short, this simply means that once you sign on with them, you have entered into a PERPETUAL SERVICE AGREEMENT.

This policy is standard procedure for almost all seasonal businesses, (i.e. lawn care and pest control companies).


I agree, these people are scam artists. Unbelievable how my lawn was just overgrown with weeds while I was under contract for their services. Mylawn looks twice as worse now as it did prior to hiring them two years ago.


TO: The person right below whose son was scammed.

The same situation happened to an elderly neighbor lady of mine a few years back. She was never a TruGreen customer, yet their lawn sprayer "accidently" sprayed her lawn.

Then he told her that she had to pay him right then and there in CASH!! Scammers indeed! She was alone, and didn't know what else to do, so she gave him the cash.

I was fumming mad :( when she told me that this TruMean sprayer had strong-armed her that way! It is shady companys like TruGreen that have a field-day preying on the elderly and weak-willed people!!!!


Trugreen maintains the lawn of my neighbor with average results. I use a different service about half the price and my lawn looks just as good...anyways

The Trugreen guy that has come for a few years tried to do my lawn by getting one of my kids to ok it. He knocked on the door and said he was here to do the lawn, and my kids didnt know it wasnt our service. I caught him starting, and didnt buy his excuse

Sneaky? or just a mistake?

I think sneaky..if they would do this, what do they do to their customers?

Wildwood, Florida, United States #422045

LITERALLY run away from TruGreen as fast as you can. Their salesmen are sandbaggers that will add-on all types of un-necessary services.

They will pressure you to enroll in TruGreen's "Easy Pay/Auto Pay" so that they can get your credit card information.

Their Techs are over-worked and under-paid, and will do a *** job, because they hate their jobs. They also own Terminix pest control, so beware of them too.

For the rest of the story see;


I will never spend $900 on lawn treament again. I gave True Green a chance to improve my lawn and after talking with a True Green rep they convinced me they could make it much greener than it was.

Wow did I get sandbagged! Now 80% of my lawn is brown and in in some places bare bones. Once again I have learned that if you want to get something done right you are better off researching it yourself and doing it yourself. Their promises mean notthing to me now.

It is all about making money for their company and providing inferior service. They go through the motions and that is what you will pay for and right up front.


I hate TG. Worked there for 3 years.

HATED IT. But it does say on every invoice in BOLD ENGLISH that service will continue every year until you tell them to stop.....that having been said...if anyone is using them..tell them to stop now.

Wyandanch, New York, United States #284976

Get real! No lawn company can kill weeds.

Once you stop the program the weeds come back.

Its just like working out soon as you stop working out u get out of shape. Lawn care is no different, but your sales rep should have def set your expectations better


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