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To start off with, I was an employee of TruGreen for roughly 5 years. I have extensive knowledge of how the company does business.

Now, before any of you decided to hire TruGreen to do your lawn care for you, consider this... from the beginning.

-The sales rep that you are contacting, works for $10 an hour with a rotten commission structure. Of all the years I worked there, they are pushed to work 9AM- 9PM and 9AM-5PM on Saturday, no overtime. They are reamed out by a rotten sales manager that makes his bonus off of their sales, so... he makes sure to have one sales "rep" stay in charge on saturdays or late night so he can skip out, but will MAKE the reps stay there, just so he hits his bonus. They are treated rotten, and do not have the tools to do their job. Not to say they aren't Slimy (some are of course) but think of that when your talking to them.

-The specific location I worked at (in Western MI) needs some serious restructuring. The so called "Office Manager" Hires all of her friends to work in the front office, and allows them to go smoke marijuana and *** for an hour or two, while the lower paying, harder working office people are left to fend for themselves (taking calls for billing, retention, and complaints). She yells at her employees, has absolutely no sense of judgement and will literally tell her employees (who YOU'RE talking to when you "try" and cancel) that they can tell you whatever they want to, we'll make it happen, which by NO MEANS actually does. Just for an example of her incompetency... the people that used the specific TruGreen I am talking about, had issues with their payments not getting posted in three or more weeks.

*** ***This was because your CREDIT CARD and CHECKING information were sitting in a pile of 300+ on a file cabinet in her office, door wide open to 50+ employees for weeks, because she couldn't "FIND" time to post them....."********

- The "easy pay or pre-pay ONLY" option they say you MUST sign up for when they call you back to "verify" your service... yea, dont let that fool you, you DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT NEED to sign up and they will let you send a check if you tell them you will not sign up unless they allow you to mail it. That's just because the auditor your talking to on the phone gets a bonus of $1.00 per payment to collect that, therefore, He'll be SURE to tell you that's the ONLY way to pay.

AND THE BEST PART... ** AUTO RENEW ** they will ALWAYS come to your house the next season if you do not specifically CALL and cancel. BUT, they do NOT report to a credit agency, and they will NOT make you pay for it. If you refuse, they tell the employees to try and get you to pay half, and they will "Work with you". WRONG! If you refuse, the company policy is they credit you.

The technicians are forced to work 50-60 hours a week, and they get paid chinese overtime, they have one day to do 20 lawns that are way underpriced, and they dont allow them the time to do a great job, because if they do, they literally average about $7.50 an hour without bonus, and bonus only comes when they do more lawns. The techs feel bad about it, but they have to make a living to feed their families.

Sorry this was a novel, there is plenty more, but I figured I would give the small amount of people that read this a chance to know how the inside workings of this company are.

I recommend AAA Lawncare 100%, and used them for 4 out of 5 years that I worked at TruGreen.

Hope this helped!

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Olathe, Kansas, United States #1216852

i'm actually making a sale as i'm typing this.hourly pay plus commission sitting in a comfy facility with mostly friendly coworkers is the actually realistic experience at trugreen sales job.

if you're a mediocre sales person in other words you're not that good at your job I don't think anyone should take your opinion seriously.lol

Olathe, Kansas, United States #1216838

wow man you should've worked in sales.we make a lot of money & work is fun.

on the other hand why didn't you just quit after the first week? that sounds horrible. you should've made friends with those smoking outside so you can chill out.

anyway, trugreen is great if you can sell!:-)

to lit Tampa, Florida, United States #1216856

i live in tampa not olathe.... lit

Bartlett, Tennessee, United States #1119973

When the 'great recession' hit, Corporate couldn't see the beckoning heights.The ship was taking on more water than it could bail, and they refused to retrench.

Many of TruGreen's ventures were ill-conceived, born out of naivete, and had too little input by career lawn people. Instead, Corporate hired retail "taste-makers" that squandered money that should have gone into fundamental improvement of the service.

There is no business problem solving, but an overriding group-think process of forgetting reality, and going on theory and rhetoric.The rest is history, and hindsight is cheap -- and far too easily indulged!


I have been told the same basic issues about Tru-Green here in Illinois from a Tech. over loaded for the time they have been allotted to do a good job. Not the tech's fault, lousy company.


Scotts is no different. It makes sense that they merged...


I worked for them also They are monsters.The management now gives you about 28 to 36 lawns to do a day.No way you can do them correctly.They give you old broken down equipment to work with so your always fixing it losing more time.They had me putting chemicals down on top of snow last year.Stay far away from their trucks on the road as the lack brakes and steering and are often leaking chemicals .Here that nj depe.


My husband works for TruGreen and has for 5 years now.This is NOT the way it is run at TruGreen.

It is no wonder that you no longer work for the company.

The question is "Why did you work there for 10 years?" if your description of your work environment is correct.Good luck finding a company that will provide you with the training and compensation that TruGreen provides it's employees.

to Anonymous #1123891

You ma'am are delirious if you think trugreen is not the most corrupt dishonest disgusting sales company on the planet that disguises itself as a lawn care company they are terrible to the customers they are Terribles their employees and just because your husband works there I guess he's probably a manager doesn't make it right it is a disgusting place to work

Macomb, Michigan, United States #972272

I have worked at TruGreen for one year and I can tell you that this review - and many of the other comments here - is/are very outdated.The company has broken free from ServiceMaster and is one of the best companies I have ever worked for.

Can there be a bad branch here or there?

Sure. But the way the company asks for and uses employee feedback, I have already seen it work very effectively to improve the branch I work in...

and this branch was well run to begin with.

I highly recommend working at TruGreen.

I highly recommend hiring TruGreen to treat your yard.

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