We purchased a home with a green lush lawn 3 months ago and contracted with Trugreen to maintain our yard since I had a heavy work schedule for the next few months. Our grass is now yellow and dying.

On top of that we find out they added and billed for services that we were not aware of. When they call you they inform you that they are coming out to perform the following services.

They are not asking you IF you want the following services. You have to be very alert as to what you signed up for and not let them slip other services by you until you realize it after the fact

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #610905

I had TruGreen come out and spray for weeds. That took about 2 weeks, (at least 10 calls), of me begging to get them to come out.

They also said then that the dead Fescue-grass was due to the drought. Yet my neighbors fescue grass was doing well! Plus I have a sprinkler system, and the neighbor's don't. VERY dissapointed in their service.

I filed a complaint with the BBB. I wanted to get my money back for the year's service, since TruGreen guarantees their service. TruGreen says they will only refund 1 service. All I asked them was to take a little responsibility.

You would think that a large company like them would man-up, but they never did. I had the County Ag Agent come out, and his assessment was that TruGreen over-fertilized in the heat of summer, causing dieback. I found out later that this is a common problem with TruGreen lawn customers, because they spray a quick-release high nitrogen urea fertilizer.

TruGreen should have taken ownership of this issue. See my video of my burnt lawn on www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQc2ivqqa-Y

Wildwood, Florida, United States #419817

Truegreen will "slip in" their extra little add-on services without your OK. Beware as it has happened to me and my neighbors.

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