TruGreen sprays my neighbors lawn. Pesticide drift has caused death and/or damage to my trees, shrubs and plants. TruGreen denied responsibility - said my oak tree had oak wilt, redbud had seasonal damage. UW-Madison Plant Diagnostics Lab said there was NO wilt; true herbicide damage to both. No ferns will grow on that side of my property, no blueberries there from drift.

They hide the true chemicals they use behind fancy names, and claim they are innocent substances. At best these substances are controversial, at worst they are unhealthy or toxic. Breathing the sprays cannot be good and the chemicals are known to off-gas for 72 hours (according to State of Wisconsin DATCP).

They often claim they are doing spot treatments, when this often involves spraying back and forth with a hose as if they were watering a lawn!

Be safe - avoid TruGreen!!

(FYI TruGreen used to be called ChemLawn)

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TruGreen strkes again!! Mwahahahaha! They can cover it with money they steal from their employees every year.


TruGreen sprayed the neighbors lawn and I was getting drifted on 60 ft on my property. I stopped the applactor and told him of my concern.

He informed me that it wouldn't hurt anything and continued spraying. 2 weeks later I contacted them to come out and see the damage. The applacator said "O MY GOD! O MY GOD!" Supervisor came out and said that the wind was blowing away from my gardens at the time of spraying.

Offical state records show that the wind was 28mph blowing directly over my gardens and flower beds.

3 garden centers have given me cost estimates in excess of $26,000. They killed blackberries, hostas, german bearded irises, oriental lilies, asaitic lilies and daylilies with 44 chromosones.Attorneys are now involved.

Wyandanch, New York, United States #284981

I dont believe this post either considering i used to be tech and 97% of the product used was water.


Ok first off every product you put on your lawn is "bad" for your health and if you look into the actual numbers and read the facts about the products you can find that using a bag of scotts from the store is actually putting down 60% more invornmental hazards then 7 visits from trugreen a year. Also the products can cause allergic reactions same as penuts they will not cause cancer there has never in the entire history of trugreen been one reported case of a tech that does the spraying have any long term health problems and each tech sprays approximently 25 lawns a day 5 days a week so 125 lawns a week 500 lawns a month so in a year 4000 lawns for every tech now thats just one tech per year tell me why not one reported case then??? Get the facts befor you try and sound like you know something fyi trugreen started 38 years ago in michigan and now has branches in every state and parts of canada and mexico so again if trugreen was doing bad and harmfull work how did they get this big?????


Regardless of how you feel about your plants the most alarming thing about Tru Green is the hazards to human health. A man from Tru Green came to my neighbors house and turned out I knew him personally. He knows my 4 yr. old has had previous medical health issues. He said he could get fired for telling me but he wanted me to take my son away for two days after he sprayed. He said the UW Washington has a major petition to stop the use of Tru Green because of health concerns to the campus faculty and students.

We will learn by our mistakes one day that once damage has been done we can not reverse it. Cancer, asthma, kidney and liver damage... think about it, if you don't plant a mono culture in your yard you will get beneficial bugs and life that will fully sustain your beautiful yard the way nature intended.

We as a culture are incredibly *** here in America. We're supposed to be the greatest country on earth, instead we are the most selfish and ignorant.


I WORKED FOR SCOTTS FOR 21 YEARS I CAN TELL U NO Pesticide WILL KILL oak or shrub!Do i soil test and see if u got takeall fungus! trust me iron would kill oaks but that is about it!

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