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I saw white spots with the fertilizer on the top all over on my brand new driveway few weeks ago. I did not know who did it until 3 days ago (9/7/2016) I saw a guy from TruGreen who was applying fertilizer for my neighbor’s yard and the fertilizer scattered on my drive again.

I immediately told the guy please clean it up before he leaves because it took me more than one hour to clean it up last time. He said yes, but nothing done before he left. I called TruGreen customer service Tracy who told me would call him to come back the same day to clean it up. He did not come back that night.

I called Lauren the next day (9/8/2016) who is the supervisor. She told me that no one was in the area, but a special chemical clean person will come the next day to clean it up. No one show up on 9/9/2016. I called again later afternoon and could not reach Lauren.

The representative Dakota told me since they did not show up on Friday, no one would show up on the weekend. She suggested that I could swipe and clean it up by myself. I said, “Are you telling me to clean up after your company made a mess?” She said, “It is not harmful. If you could not wait, you could clean it up.” I said, “It is not harmful.

Does it mean that my 2 years old boy is safe to play there? Then she said, “That is what I am say that you could clean it up if you concerned it is not safe for you child. All I can tell you is we want to make sure this is not going to happen again.” I am not sure if I could believe their promise. I assume either the customer service does not have any support or power to solve the problem or it has no ability to solve problem at all.

Wasted hours waiting and talking to the customer service, I end up have to clean up the driveway by myself.

I could say if you hire this company to work with you, if there is no problem, you are lucky.

If there is a problem, that problem is going to be very hard to solve. I will never hire a company like that.

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Miami, Florida, United States #1211085

Just Take Them to small Claims Court The Judge Will Be On Your Side And Make Sure To add Enough to Get Money For Your Time , You Don't need A Lawyer in your Case

Meriden, Connecticut, United States #1210580

Wow, how lazy are you? Why don't you apply fertilizer and *** control yourself? Doubtful, seeing as it takes you an hour to clean up a ten minute job.

to Anonymous Flint, Michigan, United States #1210695

It's in the second sentence doofus. TruGreen "applied fertilizer to my NEIGHBOR'S yard".

Obviously the neighbor's lawns butts up to this guys driveway. The T.G.

Tech was clearly in the wrong here by 1) NOT using the pattern slide (3rd port close); nor the side defector shield properly, to minimize any fert perils from getting on his driveway. And 2) granules that do fall on paved/impervious {non-target} surfaces [road, drives, walks, patios, etc.] are to be blown/swept off by the Tech before leaving the job site!

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