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In May I put in new grass due to HOA threats to sue me if I didn't replace it immediately (the whole neighborhood had bad grass pretty much.) However, I spent $2,000.00 on new grass and $500 in water bills for the next 2 water bills to keep this new grass maintained. Well, the end of May the HOA sent TruGreen around the neighborhood to try to get us to keep the grass maintained through them.

I decided that this would be a good idea b/c I wanted to keep my expensive grass maintained. At this time the grass was beautiful, no problems at all...nice and green with no weeds. Well, on June 1st TruGreen came and sprayed my new grass with a chemical that had been sitting out over the "Long Memorial Day Weekend" (per TruGreen field supervisor) and within hours of spraying my grass it was burnt in apprearance. I called the TruGreen rep that had hung his sign on my door just days earlier and he gave me the # of the field supervisor, after arguing with me that my grass couldn't have been burnt already.

Anyhow, I called the field supervisor and he came out a day later at which time the grass was yellowish/brown in color. He told us to keep watering the grass for 3 weeks and it "should come back." Well 3 weeks past and the grass was still brown and now weeds were entering our yard from our neighbors yard b/c the new grass we put down is now weak and a grass "expert" that my fiance talked to said that this will happen when the grass is damaged. Well, 2 weeks ago the field supervisor finally made it out to my house again and I informed him that I am so unhappy and I want my grass COMPLETELY replaced. It is just awful, now there are weeds, crabgrass, brown spots, dead spots, yellow spots and our neighbors weeds are greener than any part of my grass is!

The field supervisor said he couldn't authorize a new lawn and wanted to plug certain areas, I told him no absolutely not, I want my grass back to the way it was before that TruGreen Rep ever stepped foot onto my property. He said he would have a general manager contact me b/c he couldn't authorize what I want. On July 8th I was contacted by the general manager who said he would be in Apopka on Saturday the 10th, however I informed him that I am a RN and I work night shift so he said he would leave a note that he was there and he could contact me on Sunday the 11th when I woke up. I never heard from him and there was never a note on my door.

I have called and left messages with the TruGreen office personnel for the general manager to call me back on the 22nd and 23rd but he hasn't called me back.

I feel as if I am being avoided, I even told this to the girl who answered the phone yesterday and I also told her that if the general manager didn't call me back yesterday then I would be contacting a lawyer. He still did not call me back.

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