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TruGreen is a company that absolutely deserves to go out of business for the way it treats its customers. There lawn control last year was sub-par - as I've experienced better results by doing the work myself.

The main problem is that it is almost impossible to cancle your service. I've made four phone call over the last two days to cancel my service, and have been given the constant run-around. It is an ovious scam. Today I am told that the truck is making its rounds and will stop at my home - for which I will be charged, even though I've made numerous attempts to cancel the service.

This is flat-out FRAUD. Avoid this company at all costs.

Review about: Trugreen Lawn Service.

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Wildwood, Florida, United States #420114

OK, so "evilscuba" (see Apr 4, 11 post), real identity is Jon Skibo. He has been a TruGreen employee since the mid-90's, and is now a TG Manager in the Michigan Region.

I used to work with this goof at the Lansing Branch. I don't know whether to laugh, cry or get angry when I see him write that TruGreen "goes by the book 110%".

Knowing first hand the way that Jon "evilscuba" Skibo bullied employees into committing outright acts of fraud. While bragging "Go ahead and call Jackie Laskowski (HR) She won't do anything to me!"

to evilscuba's REAL IDENTITY #587704

Just to set the record straight, the guy calling himself "evilscuba" on the comment on the bottom of this post is actually an employee named Steve that works as a vary shady salesman at a TruGreen branch in Buffalo, NY.


After you cancel expect years of repeated phone calls... they will not go away.

Even after telling them repeatedly that I will never ever, even if it was free, use their service again -- they still call.

They say they add me to their do not call list but apparently the sales guys don't look at that list. Avoid TruGreen.

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India #271545

Phillip, Try reading the posts a little more clearly. You and I are saying the same thing about TruGreen. My response was to evilscuba who thinks TruGreen is an awesome company.


no one cares if you served in the army or went to afghanistan thats your choice and how is a he presumptuous? Trugreen is a crooked company just like a lot of other big companies and they obvoiusly do not care about their customers!

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India #269344

Huh? Dude...I just got back from serving in Afghanistan.

Not a lot of yard work over there for my so called "little company". TruGreen was supposed to take care of my yard while I was deployed.

Which they did, but I wanted to cancel this year, and as previously stated, they did not like that too much. Shame on them, and you for being so presumptuous.


more like your just saying that cause ur going out of business cause trugreen is a better company then urs and also they go by the book 110% unlike ur little company!

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