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This must be the absolute worst lawn care service in the area! I would strongly caution everyone against using Tru Green as a lawn care provider.

We called TruGreen for a free lawn analysis in March 2010. They came out quickly and gave us an estimate. He sells me aeration service which should be done in April-May. But this service was done only by end of June when was high temperature outside. We were told someone would be calling us before coming for service but they never call.

TruGreen provides extremely poor service.

I just saw negative in my lawn. They have destroyed what once was a lawn. They managed to kill out my lawn completely.

From the start, I complained about the service given. There was no improvement in my lawn.

They do not call you back when you have an issue. . It either just rings and rings or goes to a voice mail that has a memory already full.

Now Trugreen wants to ruin my credit history.

I get harassed every day from their collection agency for a month and still going. I do not owe them anything.

Review about: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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We asked that the Trugreen notify us when the service is being done so that we can be home when the service is being provided. You never know if these people are actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing…wouldn’t be the first time.

Anyhow, whenever I reschedule I specifically have the Customer Service repeat the date 2-3 times to make sure we’re on the same page. Now, when we do get screwed I personally talk to Shilo. Now, Shilo the Manager at 2421 Black Gold Ct Houston, TX keeps on apologizing and tells me that this will NEVER happen again. But guess keeps on happening...not once not twice not three but 6 times. I can't even keep up anymore.

Originally our appointment was for Feb 4th but I called to reschedule for the 10th instead. So, today is the day they were supposed to come out and do the treatment. So, I’m sitting here waiting and waiting and it’s past 1:00 and still nothing.

I called the company and spoke to the Customer Service. She said that “they rescheduled me for the 18th.” I said “that’s NOT possible.” Then she said “originally you were scheduled for the 10th but you wanted to reschedule for the 18th.” I confirmed to her that it was NOT the case because the woman I spoke to when I rescheduled repeated the date multiple times.” I told her that “I didn’t want to deal with Shilo anymore because he’s useless to me. You BETTER have somebody come out here. I don’t care if he has to go back there to refill his truck.” The woman called me back and said that she’s having someone come out here but it’ll be awhile…I don’t care.

How can this Shilo be a manager if he can't even get his *** together????? I know that the economy being down right now doesn't help. Is the company just desperate? Why do customers have to suffer this kind service? We pay our bills on time...I just don't get it.

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