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Truegreen is the worst lawncare I have ever used. They do not call you back when you have an issue. Everytime they come out to "fix" things they end up charging you and it is not a "free call". They were supposed to do the front AND back yard.

We were out of town when they came and we have a fenced in back yard. They charged us for the front and back eventhough they did not do the back yard. They technician lied and tried to say he did the backyard. This is an eight foot privacy fence with a lock on both gates... so what did he do?? Get a ladder and climb over with all of his equipment?? I do not think so.

One day I was working from home and the tech did not know I was there. He literally sat in his truck for 10 minutes, smoked a cigarette, did NOT spray my yard, and came and put the sign in the yard and the note on my door knob that said he sprayed fertilizer and *** killer! He drove away and I waited about all day to make sure he was not coming back and he never did. I called the manager the next day and he said he would give me a "free service call". He came out again to spray my yard and charged me anyways.

They killed our sod that we had just put in. There were bugs all in it and they ended up eating it all. HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS WORTH! Trugreen acted like the bugs just came overnight and they had no idea.

After 6 months of the hassle we finally cancelled and there was no improvement to our hard! We had to go out and spend even more money on brand new sod! These people are rediculous! Do not use them!!

Review about: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Wildwood, Florida, United States #345985

:roll Unfortunately, what you folks have described happens alot to TruGreed customers. Yes, I said "GREED"!

Literally >>Post a sign, leave a bill and gone!!!ip-off is clearly a fraud against both the customers its done to, and the company.

Not every applicatior does this, just the ones that are lazy, don't care, or are behind and need to hit their "Saturday off" number, because they have weekend plans. :p


Same thing happens to us: they were supposed to do aeration in our backyard but didn't. We called them several time but they never came and continued to send us the billing and now reported us to the collection agency. We are now reported them to the Best bureau of business,

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