I am currently an employee and all I can say is run!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work in customer service and when you call you speak to me.

I try my best to assist the customers. It's very hard when you're working for a company that's very unethical. No one returns the customers call,we get a lot of unauthorized service complaints and people have their credit card info on file, scheduling issues, techs claiming they treated the lawn when they didn't, customers entire lawns are dead and they have chemical burns. I have to deal with pissed off customers all day and to be honest there's nothing I can really do to assist them because no one at their local branches care about the customers.

I am constantly reprimanded for speaking out and voicing my opinions. The reason why the customers can't talk to their local branch is because they don't want to hear the complaints because they know they are watering down their products. I'm tired of customers calling in pissed off at the call center employees, it's not our fault because we're consumers too. It's your local branch who you need to be pissed off at.

Do yourself a favor and get some Scott's products from you local home depot and do it yourself and run!!!!!!! The most exciting part about my job is when a customer calls in to cancel. You don't have to believe me.....seeing is believing. Why not google it or look at the worst lawn in your neighborhood, you know the lawn that looks abandoned and there you have "Truegreen, where your lawn means more"......lol and run!!!!!!

as far away as you can. When we tell you that are sytems are down they are truly down all the time. The billing, scheduling, websites, products, and service is messed up. So when you call in and ask to speak with a manager and we call the local branch, they tell us at your local branch they aren't available.

We actually get in trouble for calling your local branch. We get in trouble for trying to be customer focused and centric. It's not about customer service. That's why they outsourced the work to a call center.

We put your information into the system and we can only hope that the people at your local branch will print it out and give it to the right person, but this rarely happens.

We deal with trugreen customers all over the US, from Cali to NJ. So the next time you think about yelling at the agent just nicely request to cancel your service please.

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TIPS TO FIX TRUGREEN. 1] No gimmicks nor extra discounts to get new customers.

Sell the value of the service. 2] No telemarketing. Stop pushing services that customers don't want or need. Stop harassing people to always buy, buy, buy.

Before they tell you "bye"! 3] Diagnose first...then treat the problem. 4] Stick with slow-release fertilizers in the heat of summer (Jul & Aug) to stop fert burning lawns.

Emphasize and increase the use of organics. 5] Understand that the customers can and will educate themselves.


All of you employees have said a mouthful here, as I can certainly identify personally about all that has been written about TruGreen on this site, as well as other "gripe sites". I quit working for that shady scam company after 3 years of working in a Branch office.

I just couldn't take it any more. The way that we were conditioned to lie and ripoff our customers just broke my spirit! Because of this company's fraudulent ways, I had to get out to keep my self-respect intact! The big TruGreen scam in the front office was what we did to our "Cred Bal" customers towards the end of the season.

You see, some customers would have a "Credit Balance" status on their account because they over-paid. Over-payments by customers usually occurred by accident. And as such, most customers were not aware that they had extra money on account because of their unintended overpayment. Customers could also accrue a Credit Balance status if they prepaid, and then later on skipped or cancelled some application(s).

In this situation, the proper company procedure was to notify customers of the overpayment/excess money on their account and to issue a refund for the same. Instead, an act of fraud would actually be perpetrated when, (usually in late summer or fall), TruGreen would pad the "Cred Bal" customer's account by adding on extra services, that would be covered by the money that was on their account. And these customers would usually not be the wiser as to what happened most of the time. Worst yet, if TruGreen was overloaded with work, behind budget, or short-staffed, then management would add "ghost" (nothing) applications to Credit Balance accounts.

This ghost app would innocuously show up on customer's Account History under the GM's employee number with the code "PNP (posted-not produced), as there wouldn't be anything actually done. One year the Ops Mgr pulled some Techs into his office, (a few at a time), and told them just to fill out the Invoices of "Cred Bal" customers as if they actually did them, but then to just ghost (ship) those properties. Since those customers didn't owe TruGreen any money, (as we already had their payment), they would never know what was happening to their account. After awhile, (maybe the next year), customers would eventually realize they were getting more applications than what they were getting originally.

Let's face it. Trugreen can only pull the wool over their customer's eyes for just so long before they figure out what is going on. Then customers will never let TruGreen back on their lawn, no matter how many Post Cards TruGreen sends or phone calls they make! All is not well in TruGreen Land!

It amazes me that the Attorney General has not shut TruGreen down for all its sketchy business practices! HEY TRUGREEN!

Just go rape a beehive why don't ya!!! :x

Abilene, Texas, United States #589817

I worked for TruGreen. Even though the pay was good, I quit and I also let them know that they are crooked!

For example: Their policy is "No customer is allowed to cancel!" So, if I did write up a cancel that I couldn't save, they refused to enter it into the computer. The problem here, is that I went to several "customers" homes who were very pissed that I even showed up there, because they said they told TruGreen several times to cancel all services! I could go on for awhile about all the short-changing that they expect of their employees. What took the cake was that in sales training, (all employees are required to sell), we were told to sell a 8 or 9 step treatment program, which included a free winterizer.

When we asked what product was used for winterizing, managers said to use anything! "We just say that, to make it sound good, as that's what customers want to hear!" Important note: The inside training that I received on paper was very good. However, the actual field training out on the truck was crooked! It was all about walking very fast with the spreader output set very low.

They do *** poor work! With the training on paper we are to use a calibration (gap) gauge for the spreader. In actual field training, no such thing....just guess.... I got a gauge, but was never told what number setting to go by.

TruGreen also has questionable billing practices too. This was at the Midland, TX office.


I had canceled my service recently due to horrible customer service (Northeastern Ohio/Lorain County) They called to send someone out for the initial consult and they never showed up, I had to call again only for them to show up 3 hours later than they said they would be there. I tried their service out and gave them the benefit of the doubt...

So on my first service I get the automated call stating someone would be out in the a.m. to service my yard... Ironically noone showed up and no phone call to advise me otherwise. So I called them and they apologized and said someone would be out first thing in the morning..

next day came,NOONE SHOWED, I had to call them and finally someone showed up at 8 p.m. Fast forward to my next service, Trudy the automated girl calls and says someone will be out the next day.. ironically noone showed up again, I call and have a conversation with their service manager who tells me all sorts of B.S (his name is Bob by the way) and states someone will be out first thing in the morning. So the next morning comes and the truegreen guy shows up and PULLS in my driveway..

after I told them time and time again DO NOT PULL IN MY DRIVEWAY!(My house was brand new,new concrete etc.) and wouldnt it figue that the guys truck DUMPS 2 quarts of OIL all over my brand new driveway! So I tell the guy to park in the street right away since there was ample parking that was SAFE to park at and call BOB again, Bob says "Im sorry, we will clean it up" SO Bob comes out later that day and pulls in my driveway again after being told not to... His meager attempt at cleaning it up was to spray a solvent on the ground and throw a rag down and use his foot to smear it around a bit, he picked up his rag and left.. It didnt get the oil stain out of my driveway.

So I call again about the oil spill, tell them i want to cancel my service and I want a full refund PLUS I want my driveway cleaned and if they cant get it clean I want it replaced. They send out another guy to clean it, who then pulls in my driveway AGAIN! He made 2-3 more attempts at cleaning the oil stain and it wont come out.. Now my driveway is 5 different shades from all the chemicals they used and the oil stain is still there.

I call and get there GM on the phone who tells me they will get it handled.. Needless to say he never called me back after they came and took photos of the driveway. So I call them again and get some random representative(Tony) who said they will look into it further(Tony) had called me back a couple of times while trying to get it resolved and on his last call back to me he apologized and said that he could do nothing further and that TRUEGREEN was not going to help me in anyway and good luck.. UNBELIEVABLE!

Now I have to get lawyers involved for a *** mistake on their part and for what... A greener lawn =( Save your money, BUYER BEWARE!


Wow, the word \"s t u p i d\" got censored.


While I do agree with what you're saying, for the most part, I'm going to have to correct you on one thing: It's not that the customers can't contact their local branch office because the branch doesn't want to hear their complaints; rather, the automated system they have set up to be routed to the call centers keeps this from being possible, in most cases. The TG branch offices would love to be able to field their own phone calls, because, and I'm sorry to have to tell you this, most of the call center representatives that they have spoken with have been any of the following:

1) improperly trained

2) improperly informed of TG policies and procedures

3) in a position of having their hands tied, as far as what they are able to do (or rather, not) for the customer.

All of the above results in, you guessed it - more work to be foisted upon the branch office representatives, who have to sacrifice their own time on something that should have (and before the call center switch, COULD HAVE) been easily resolved in one phone call.

What you don't understand is 80% of the customer service representatives, and that's not an exaggeration, were shitcanned, and they thought it would make sense to replace them with call centers, which are, for the most part, staffed by people who are looking for a job, any job, until something better comes along, because they need to put food on the table. Period. Rather than keep a few qualified candidates around that know all of the ins and outs of the archaic computer system, know how to treat customers, and in many cases, how to cultivate positive customer relationships, they threw several thousand newbs under the bus to save a few bucks here, and line their pockets with thousands upon thousands of bucks there. I can't say I envy you, call center employee; I used to work at one of those crooked organizations, as well, and believe me - I know you work hard and have to hear a *** of a lot of snarkiness, but someone up top did a ***, *** thing, and now, everyone at TG and its call centers is paying for it.


What kind of lame *** are you?

You work in a call center and say the branches water down the product....how would you know?

You do your very best to assist customers. That is your job ***. Why would you have to say something like that...because you suck at your job and cannot deal with some upset customers. It's your inability to handle the situations in front of you, so you blame blame and blame others.

Stop taking the easy route. TruGreen has millions of customers, so you hear a few horror stories each day and conclude the service and local branches stink...

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