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TrueGreen cold call and begged me to give them a chance for my lawn, which would include insect control, fertilizer and week control. They were supposed to come out every six weeks, they came in eight.

Also, he did not know I was home and I was watching him put down *** killer: He made one swipe as he headed for the back. He DID NOT do or look at the second section of my front lawn or the rest of the section that he gave a swipe. I did not watch him do the back as I did not want my parrots to see him as they would have went nuts, but I suspect he did the same in the back. The promised to come out and spray for grubs, and wanted $40.00 extra, I said NO, that insects were part of the plan.

They acknowledged and said they would spray for grubs on the grass but not the shrubs or trees as that is $40. I said no, and they said they would be back on Tuesday. I took the day off to watch them--THEY NEVER SHOWED UP.

I fired them 10 minutes ago. This time, I will never use TrueGreen again, and I will file complaint with BBB.

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I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that was watching their yard deteriorate quickly under TruGreen's "service". I just cancelled my service with them.

My least favorite thing was actually watching their Tech first complete my lawn report about the entire lawn, and then hang it on my door with written comments as if he had actually done a thorough walk-through first. As a former customer, I can attest that it is really TRU that they just don't care if they do a good job or how your lawn even looks. It's all about quick and easy money for them.

I'm done with them and back to doing it myself! :zzz


What does TruGreen have in common with Gypsies? They're both beggars, cheats an thieves!


What's the difference between TruGreen and the carnival?

The carnival leaves town once everyone is on to them! :p


I am not at my Florida house very often (4 months a year) and signed a contract for Tru Green to look after the grass. Just got back to find weeds and cinch bugs and a bill for some treatment that i hadn't authorised for $42.

Got rid of them today and told them they were not getting there money. *** artists.


You peps r crazy

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