In June a door knocker sold me on TG service to take care of my Crabgrass and Clover. He told me they would take care of it. Having received no noticeable decrease in either ***, I canceled the service. Their guarantee said that they would refund the last bill if I was not happy.

I have received several phone calls from them and told them each time that I was not happy and would not be paying the final bill for treatment ($23.40). They told me that their guarantee was only if I had taken the service for 6 months. Each time I was called about the bill, they said that they would have a manager call me back. They never did. They are now threatening to send me to a collections agency.

I have had their people tell me that, in order to be effective, I would have had to have started the service in March or April when they would have put down a *** barrier. They said that even if I had purchased the treatment at Home Depot, it would have taken 5 applications for the weeds to be controlled. The point is that I didn't research *** control at Home Depot, I signed up at my front door when they told me they could take care of the problem. If they had told me from the start that I wouldn't see anything unless I had a barrier treatment in March, that's when I would have started the service.

Its all about expectations. They set some and then failed to meet them. Their selling practices are deceptive. I would suggest that you follow their suggestion and go to Home Depot. Hopefully the manufacturers of the lawn treatments they sell there are honest in their product descriptions. And HD, Lowes, Ace and others will most likely stand behind their consumers if the Mfgs aren't honest.

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First of all you cant expect to have a great lawn right away. The further away you are from having a great lawn the longer it will take to get into shape.

But here is a few key points to follow that promote a good result.

As a customer of trugreen you have to follow the instructions given by the tech and or the web site. Touch base with your lawn cutting service if you do not mow yourself. Either mow before trugren comes. or you'll have to wait 48 hours after the application was made to water. Trugreen provides a three day notice (e mail or by automated phone) that they will be out to perform services. After an application of fert, *** and crabgrass control ( do not mow or water for 48 hours. Then water first; the day before you mow. This allows the *** control to be absorbed by the weeds and begin to work. And watering in the products after gets the fertilizer and crab grass control into the soil. If you mow too early and you bag your lawn you are removing the application with the grass clippings, thus reducing the amount of product available to be watered into the soil. Water water water.... If your lawn doesnt get a combined rain/irrigation watering of at least 1.5 inches your lawn will begin to stress; allowing weeds, pests, and disease to appear. A healthy lawn with adequate moisture promotes deep growing roots and a thick lawn.

Trugreen will provide advice and tips, and perform the applications to the lawn. Its up to you as a customer to follow mowing height, watering, and foot trafic recomendations.


I called Trugreen for Lawn Service. A Tech came to my place, I walked the area with him due to lawn connecting.

I came into my house for a sweater and saw him spraying the neighbors lawn. $94.17 later my neighbors lawn will look good to. Never will I call Trugreen again.

NEVER! :upset


I had contracted with Trugreen for the last 2 yrs. Unfortunately, when they replaced our technician, the new technician was unable to read because he began spraying our neighbors yard (if at all).

Since I began working in August 2011, I was unable to be home when the service was conducted. By November, our yard was overgrown with weeds. In December, I was contacted by the FL Trugreen office and asked if I wanted to purchase an "additional" winter *** service. I agreed because I had so many weeds throughout my entire 1/2 acre of land.

When I received the invoice in January 2012, I contacted the FL office and asked why I was having to pay for the service because I still had a yard full of weeds. I took seversl pictures of the weeds and was told a technician would come back out to evaluate (& re-spray if necessary). The technician arrived within a few days and actually wrote an apology on our service notification document because there was no way the amount of weeds in our yard was acceptable. A few weeks later, during a conversation with our neighbor, he told me he witnessed a Trugreen technician spraying our other adjacent naighbors yard a few months ago.

I spoke with that neighbor and he confirmed receiving an invoice of service but didn't understand why he was receiving it. Funny thing, his yard is beautiful, mine is just now (3 months later) just becoming manageable (by another competitor).

I can honestly say, I have had nothing but billing issues with the FL office because we pre-paid for the past 2 years only to be continually billed after each service. Each time, I have had to contact the office and explain that we pre-paid for the year and was told to disregard the bill. Is this a professional organization or a group of illiterate people hoping to get wealthy at our expense?

No worries, I found a better organization to meet my lawncare needs. If anyone in South Georgia wants the name of the company, feel free to email me at mptfern.dot.hotmail.com.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #446004

What does TruGreen have in common with Gypsies? They're both beggars, cheats and thieves!


What's the difference between TruGreen and the carnival?

The carnival leaves town once everyone is on to them! :p

Wildwood, Florida, United States #446002

What does TruGreen have in common with Gypsies? They're both beggars, thieves and cheats!


What's the difference between TruGreen and the carnival?

The carnival leaves town once everyone is on to them! :p


Beware....TruGreed is now also charging a $50 "Start Up" fee for all new customers. But it is hidden in the total cost!!! :? :( :x :sigh :upset :eek


My boyfriend works at TruGreen as a door to door sells man... YOU DO NOT NEED 7 APPLICATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 will work just as good as 7 and it will save you alot of money...

which is why he makes *** good sales each week because he is honest with the consumer! :(


John you are wrong. Trugreen, Scotts, Natural Lawn and a few others have been busted for ghosting lawns.

I watched a scotts guy ghost a lawn. *** one of our sister companies Terminex will put bills on people doors without doing work. We fired 3 guys already for ghosting lawns. Oh and if it rains Some of our guys will spray your lawn in a down pour if you're not home.

The managers tell them good job. If your lawn is sprayed in the rain it will not work since our spray treatments are totally watered down.


melissa- I work at Trugreen as a lawn Tech and we are able to get free service. Guess what I wouldn't let Trugreen touch my lawn.

The spray Duel line applications suck. And also that 10-15 day wait for results is so we aren't backed up with service calls witch suck. Some customers are dumb they call after 2 days if they still have weeds. They call even if the weeds have turned color.

I would rather go to the store and buy my own stuff. If you by concentrated roundup and fertiliers and make sure you have preemergents in your first fertilizer treatments you do. Also if we show up in feb to do lawn treatments don't take it because that's too early. Only get the lawn done that you are going to actually water.

If you have a big lawn and only water the front and sides don't have you back done. You have to water the lawn with these treatments or your lawn will turn to ***.I had a guy who was mad at me because his back lawn looked like ***. Well the front looked great because he watered it. I modified his program and saved him 80 bucks a treatment.But overall Trugreen sucks.

80 Hr weeks. We also need to ban Saturday apps.


Trugreen sold me Shrubs and trees application in April 2010. They called every day of the week for 2 weeks at 6PM dinner time.

I finally told them that if we had problems, someone should come to our home and show me. The next day Anthony from the Fruitland Park in Fl office showed up. He had a bag full of examples of what he found on my shrubs and trees. He stated in writing that we had black mold on our shrubs and that I was harming my children by not doing anything about it.

I was holding a baby while he told me this, so I signed up for 6 applications a year. Corresponding to every 6-8 weeks. The first application 2 days after the visit of Anthony, the service paper stated they could not find anything on my shrubs and trees. I thought why did I sign up for this again?

Lets give them a chance. I signed up for easypay and they charged my card automatically after the application. 4 weeks later they showed up again. They did this 4 months in a row and every time charged me with easypay.

I called and asked why they were coming every 4 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks like they told me. They had a bogus answer stating it was 6 applications for the rest of the year starting in May. That still did not add up. Cherry on top of the cake, they sent me an extra invoice for application 7 september of 2010 of grass.

I had prepaid for the year. When we agreed to it it was 10 applications $45 each. If you prepay for the year we will give you a discount. So we had prepaid for the year.

We did not understand the invoice for application 7. I called and they told me that on 12/31 of 2009 they had done an extra treatment and we had never paid for it. They had taken that of my prepayment for the year 2010 and now told me I am late for application 7 (originally prepaid for 10). They had revised their business model and had changed it from 10 applications to 8 applications.

Conclustion of a long story: do not start with Trugreen. Never prepay or do easypay.

Wyandanch, New York, United States #104335

and guaranteed if you buy store products all they will do is give you your money back! We actually guarantee if any damage does occur we are held responsible to come out and repair it! no one else will do that!!

Wyandanch, New York, United States #104330

I work for trugreen in illinois. We DO recommend that you take on the full 7 applications, especially if your lawn has never been treated by a professional company.

And what they were saying is that even when you go to home depot and buy the fertilizers you need to apply an application every 4-6 weeks, and thats only fertilizer, then u still need to buy your own *** control, it can be very exspensive. And our guarantee is that if you are ever unhappy with any services we ask that you wait 10-14 days to see results, if you dont then call and they will send someone out within 24-48 hours to respray the weeds at no-charge. But you can't just receive 2 applications and think that will magically fix your problem. I mean you dont go to the gym work out once and see huge results!

Same thing with lawn care.

I think its funny that people complain about these little things that have nothing to do with our service but with how people look at it. All of our guarantees are written on the service contract you recieve, you just need to read it.


I have had lawn services for many years, i Have to say that you were thinking unrealistic when you thought trugreen was going to kill all your weeds in the 2-3 treatments that you had, They are a great company and so are their competitors, thing is that you as the home owner need to put in your part as well, you own the house and if your grass looks like *** when a company starts taking care of it be patient and work with that company so that way you both can obtain your goal. I mean the whole reason you agreed to treatments is because you wanted i thicker, greener lawn, with less weeds.

Well this is not an over night process and the home owner needS to be committed in doing their part like watering mowing seeding/plugging etc. My yard looks great and trugreen has been taking care of it for years.

You sound like someone who goes to the gym trying to loose weight and after a month when you haven't lost any you blame it on your trainer. Come on people.

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