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If my lawn was a glowing green jewel of a lawn, I might forgive the multiple billing issues. Alas, it has deteriorated while under True Green's care.

First, True Green charged my credit card a $45.00 monthly fee five times in one month. Instead of $45.00 my card was charged $225.00.

Then I opted to pay a year in advance, yet I continued to receive bills. Every time I received a bill, I'd call and explain that I'd paid a year in advance. The True Green customer service rep would apologize.

Finally today I asked for a supervisor. I spoke to Jody. She explained that their computer system often double charges accounts, and every day she goes through the charges and organizes the refunds.

So why did I get hit five times? "I was on vacation." Jody explained. "I called everybody when I got back."

Oh. That makes it all OK. (not!)

Why wasn't someone else looking for double charges while Supervisor Jody enjoyed her time away?

And why am I still getting bills and phone calls about being late with a payment when I've paid in advance?

"We accidentally refunded your advance payment." Jody explained.

Yup, that whole year's worth of lawn care that I thought was paid in full when I paid my June credit card balance is… gone. I have to budget for it all over again.

Yes, as Jody not so helpfully pointed out repeatedly on the phone today, True Green *did* give me my money back. But in June my husband and I were preparing to travel in Asia, and with a slew of additional expenses associated with that, the refund went unnoticed.

Apparently True Green doesn't care that their crappy billing practices could put someone over the limit, incurring fees and tying up funds that might be needed for other things. I may have been refunded my money, but it feels like I have to spend it twice.

And no one can give me back the time I have spent on the phone with True Green, sifting through old credit card statements trying to sort this mess out.

Stay away from True Green unless you like spending your days off on hold while customer service reps prepare to apologize with barely concealed irritation.

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So maybe you should listen when you are prepaying your account. You thought you were paying as you went but in fact gave someone the ok to prepay for the season :cry

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