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Tru Green came to our home to ask us to use their service. We agreed to a series of treatments to kill weeds.

After the first treatment our lawn turned brown, the grass died (but not the weeds!). We complained and after many "discussions" they admitted that they must have done something wrong. They sent someone to aerate and reseed our lawn. At the same time we told them to NEVER treat our lawn again.

Less than two weeks later, they did the "treatment" again without our consent! The yard is a wasteland. It's almost entirely dirt - no grass. Corporate folks we spoke to apologized, said this shouldn't have happened, etc.

Do you think they'll fix our yard?

No way. Don't use this service.

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Clifton Park, New York, United States #598963

My lawn looked better before Trugreen's services. I made several calls, which were totally ignored.

After that I withheld payment. To see the results after 2 seasons of TG service, see my video posted on


:( TruGreen did nothing for my yard. I can't say it hurt my yard but I do know that one neighbor used them.

Another neighbor did not. All three yards looked exactly the same. Also- why are consumers paying for TG's wasted gas? The trash truck comes once a week.

I see the TG truck in the neighborhood 3x/wk! Will never give them any of my money again.


What do you mean, they don't know enough to get out of the rain!!



When I was taking care of my lawn on my own my yard had pristine grass. I left it in the hands of Trugreen only to have it rot and loook like sh*&.

That company is incompetent in FLorida nad knows nothing about keep up with Florida lawns. Careless and inconsiderate people that I would not recomened to anyone. I think we should all form a class action suit against Trugreen for taking out money. They gave me the excuse that my lawn in one area was getting inadiquate water when in fact it is getting the same amount as the rest of the zones.

The real problem was cinch bugs and they would write on the reciept that the weeds that were there would yellow and die.

I pulled out over 8 yards of weeds that fill the now bare areas and stopped further damage to the restof my lawn. DON'T EVER USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!


We had tru Green do our lawns too. One time when they did it, they used the power spreader and every where the tires went, the grass turned brown.

It is because they did it in the rain and it was not the liquid. Did they do yours in the rain?

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