To anyone who will listen please do not use tru green

I am a person who does not usually do these types of things but I have to tell all of you that tru green does nothing to help your lawn .They never call you back after the first year .It feels like a scam so listen if you want because my lawn is destoyed . The first year they called 1time a month now I've called 5times twice to corporate and they all say somene will call u asap I finally had to cancel my contract . They are the worst company I have ever dealt with

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Doing this is a first for me, as I am not the type to write complaint letters or make Internet postings.However...with most of my interactions with TruGreen employees, the majority of them strike me as disgruntled, and dissatisfied working for this company.

Whenever I call, instead of being treated as a valued customer, their office staff comes off as if I am bothering them. More often than not, they are rude and snippy with me!

I am also UNHAPPY with the Specialist that they are sending out to do our lawn. I don't know his name. He doesn't seem to like his job at all!

He is here and gone in a blink of an eye, and his lack of attention to detail is apparent to my lawn. Crabgrass started coming back, and I was digging out other weeds. I have bumpy/patchy areas that have not been addressed. Not happy with the lack of service from him.

Neighbors (who are also TG customers) on both sides of me have the same poor service complaints.

P.S. Trugreen's Facebook page is another example of horrible P.R. of this company.

90% of it is people saying how awful TruGreen is.It really surprises me that Trugreen doesn't pull their Facebook page down!


Lol...*** idiots, probably a liberal. They use a pto *** rod which runs through the transmission which needs an engine running to work...get a clue you *** nut


What *** people they hire!This TruGreen Bloke spent an hour at my neighbors house and left the loud clunky diesel motor running for no good reason.

It wasn't cold (90 degree day with smog alert) and liquid applications use their own engine mounted on the back of the pickup truck.

Don't these morons understand they're wasting fuel?What, are they too lazy to turn the key or just uneducated?

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