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A neighbor of mine hired TruGreen to service their lawn. He cancelled due to poor service.

I wished I had asked my neighbor about his experience and I wished I had gone on to read the reviews online prior to letting TruGreen into my life. I've always maintained my own lawn. For nearly 10 years, it was green and healthy. After TruGreen, my nearly ten year old crape myrtles went into shock are hanging on by a thread and all 8 cypress trees are nearly dead.

Beautiful trees that are very expensive to have removed, to have replaced at the height they were...of which I cannot afford. After my first service was in September of last year, bugs were all over my crape myrtles. These bugs eat the sap from the tree, killing it from the inside out. The bugs *** the sap and the sap ruins anything it lands on...including the paint on vehicles.

I called TruGreen and told the company how upset I was and that their service was poor. TruGreen had another service man come out and spray again. No good. The bugs were worse!

I called TruGreen again and I was told I had to wait two weeks for the medicine to work. Yeah, right! I had already waited two weeks after the first application, now another two weeks! I have photos of the bugs on my tree limbs.

I read up on what to do about the bugs and told to remove the infestation and scrub the tree with dish washing soap. I had done this in the past and it worked like magic. Bugs gone within 24 hours. It's a lot of work; but, it was one of the main reasons I decided to let TruGreen into my life.

I should have cancelled my services then; but, I gave the company another chance. My last service was in March of this year and immediately afterwards browning began, I kept calling TruGreen and no one would answer the phone. The calls were always redirected to the national TruGreen...and then national would redirect me to local of which would not answer and be redirected to national! It was a joke!

Many calls were made and no one would come to our home to see the damage TruGreen did to my lawn. After getting onto social media and threatening to go on local news, the manager of the Dallas office came out. He said my trees had a disease and that is why they are dying. I asked him, "Let's say what you are now telling me is true...why would your service men never tell me I had a disease problem and why were my trees sprayed with fertilizer?

We all know that if we have cancer, cancer will not go away by taking matter what your excuse is, my lawn became worse under your care." I simply kept getting the same response and it was never their fault. Today, TruGreen pulled up to my house to service my yard again! I was at Starbucks when my daughter called. I told her to tell him to leave.

She did. When I drive up to my house, the serviceman was pulling his long hose (the sprayer they use to spray lawns with) back into the truck. I told him to leave and to NEVER come back. I called national and a woman answered.

I told her no one was to service my home. She said the computer said my service was cancelled. I asked her, "Then why I a service man hear?" She said she did not know. I told her if she could please email the local company and tell them that my service is cancelled and why was my lawn scheduled for service?

She hung up on me. I HIGHLY do NOT recommend TruGreen. I have received several messages via Facebook from other unsatisfied customers and even from someone that worked for the company. He said that TruGreen hires anyone to spray the lawns and no one has any background experience with lawn care.

I NEVER want a #TruGreen sign on my lawn nor a #TruGreen truck in front of my home! If anyone started a class action suit against TruGreen, I'm in!

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Tree And Shrub Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had the same thing happen to me. 10 out of 13 killed by TruGreen Tree and Shrub Services.


With the multiple amount of complaints, I believe there should be lawsuits filed, even possibly class action suits.

Do documentation, keep text messages, voice mails, emails, invoices, copies of invoices paid----record any conversations you have with TruGreen personnel.

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