After reading some of the complaints regarding trugreen lawn service it is evident to me at least that the company was not the issue, it was the consumer.

Some consumers just can't be helped. The lady, Karen from Jacksonville, needs to read her complaint again. How can your husband be unaware of the problem, doesn't he live with you??? ***!

Take time and give the company a real chance instead of being that customer ALL companies dislike. I bet trugreen isn't the only company that let you down.

Take a good look in the mirror next time you hire someone to do a job. Try remember that they are the experts on the subject, not you.

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Bellevue, Washington, United States #835001

Of coarse people go online to complain. What about go online for a good reason..u are all mad because u want trugreen to bring out magic fairy dust and your lawn should be forever changed....it takes time u gotta do your part they do theirs.. All I know is trugreen does a great job for having millions of customers..you are getting the best products with them u are also taking on a company that has cash money so if they do screw up they will replace wat is lost ...trust wen I say this trugreen is one of the better companies out there...they are number 1 for a reason...so for you people who look at reviews online before u buy a service know this...out of millions of customers your gonna get people that had a bad experience but you don't see millions of complaints.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #791349

We WERE with Tru Green since the mid 80's.They have done a fair job.

BUT. The constant calls for extra and now a price hike has me changing company. The new company is now doing my yard for $14 less than Tru Green and the extra's are included in the price. Tru green called one day wanting to do an extra at an outrageous price and I asked them since we have been a loyal customer for over 25 years they should show their appreciation by not charging ne anything this one time.

All I got was a chuckle and he said they could not do that.

Seems to me they are getting to big to concern themselves about GOOD customer service.Trust me they will not be missed.

Madison, Mississippi, United States #688382

I am new customer to Tru green, I am pissed, I have been waiting all day for their scheduled service from last week, even though I called them from 8 am in the morning and every two hours all day long, nobody ever called me back and customer service on the phone saying that they can not get hold of manager or service people, no number to reach, no supervisor on call, even at 5pm they still promised me that somebody was for sure coming fore the end of the day to do the make service for me, no shown and no call.Awful experience!

Sent compliant emails and requested immediately response, no response.

Their service was no notification, even you are at home, you did not see them, no ring door bell, all you knew they are here is the note in the front door, no matter service you received, you have pay.Jackson, ms :(


It is a Dam Shame that employees has to post false comment's about the company they work for to try and Make the company look good.If the company is no good so be it.


My lawn looks worse than it has ever before.

It started out with them coming out to aerated and overseed. Then they treated the lawn for moss which I had to rake out. When I raked the moss, of course, the seeds got raked up too. They had to overseed again and tried to charge me for the extra service. After I pointed out their stupidity in scheduling the treatments in the reverse order they agreed to not charge me.

I still have weeds and more bare spots than before they started treating the lawn. They call before 7 am to tell me what time they will be out, but yesterday he didn't even show. I have told them several times NOT to call before 8 am. The last guy who was here said "they are just small weeds". What? I am expected to dig them up myself? He said that would be they way to take care of them. Regarding the bare spots his comment was "it'll grow back, if not I'll throw some seed on it" How about throwing some seed on it now? Why do I pay this company? The supervisor showed up at a time I told him I would be busy with clients so of course, I did not have time to address my issues with him and he did not call me later to discuss it like he said he would. I finally got through to the office instead of the call center today and they are supposed to come out Friday and address all my issues and make the lawn look better. We'll see since growing season is now pretty much over in this area. I have told them that I will not be renewing the contract...

This same thing happens every time I call and complain about the lousy service. They give me excuses and tell me that a supervisor will call or come out and discuss it with me. They either don't call, or call when I am busy with clients. Apparently yesterday the technician was told not to go out to my property, they had to address a few issues first. Really? Perhaps he should have asked me when he got here.

I will not be renewing my contract with them, I will insist that they come out and treat the lawn as often as necessary to repair the damage they did, at their expense.

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Hey ohiodale, this is a complaints board.Not a "I really work for trugreen but don't want anyone to know" board.

If you really haven't worked for trugreen, then you are the one unjustified in your comments.

Current employees say the same things.Glad you're supporting the marketing giant who happens to dabble in lawn care and screw employees while doing it.


The only comnplaint I have with Trugreen it is difficult to contact them.So far they are no different than any other lawn service.

As far as the complaints of the ex-workers, they seem unjustified. I never listen to ex workers and I discount all of their complaints. My lawn looks better than it ever has and the rate is about the same as any other lawn service.

I did not sign a contract nor have they ever asked me to sign one.My yard still has some weeds but I am realistic and know my yard faces south and in 100% sun all day so weeds thrive in this enviroment.


They are being sued, by current and former employees in a class action. Texasovertimeattorneys.com. Read all you need to know to get in on it.


I agree with I QUIT.

TruGreen = TruSlavery.

They are the WORSE company for anyone to work for in sales or service. You work well over 50 hours a week, mandatory, with no overtime and they micromanage you like a child. You have to give an account for every minute of the day.... They track you with your GPS phone and show up on your assigned territory to spy on you.

This company needs to be sued.There must be a way they are violating labor law.


I was hired by TruGreen and within the second week, two new hires quit.I just learned all the sales team are new.

They can't seem to keep employees. They overwork their employees-52+ hours per week, Monday through Friday for little pay and no overtime.

How can their workers be effective?This should be a violation of the Labor Law.

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