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This is hard for me to post, but I feel like I have to. On Monday, we had a Tru Green technician come to service our lawn.

At that time our six month old puppy was running around in the back yard. The Tru Green technician failed to knock or ring our doorbell to let me know he was there and proceeded to treat the front and back yard. Our puppy, Luna then escaped while he was in the back yard. She then was attacked and mauled by a dog in the neighborhood.

She has extensive injuries including lacerations and puncture wounds from the bites as well as a fractured jaw. We were initially told by the emergency vet that the break was so significant and because of her young age, that she was not a candidate for surgery and that we would probably have to put her down. After a consultation with a canine surgeon and dentist, they came up will a solution that may fix the problem, a “muzzle cast” that she must wear for three weeks. This is not to say that the jaw will heal correctly and she won’t have further health and dental issues later in her life.

So in addition to severe emotional distress experienced by my entire family, and especially my six year old son, we have vet bills in the thousands with significant follow up care to come. I have been calling Tru Green since Monday and keep getting told I will get a call in 48 hours. I have tried contacting them on Twitter, Instagram, online chat, and private messages thru Facebook and Twitter. I blasted them on Nextdoor.

I am told a different name of who is supposed to call me back each time. Tru Green needs to at least talk to me about this incident that their technician set into action.

The Tanner family in Raleigh. Let's hope this muzzle cast saves his life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did Trudy not call you?


This has nothing to do with lawncare. They are not responsible for your dog.


Boo hoo. Cats are better anyway.


Go to the branch office with a lawyer. You will never get a call back.

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