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“Uh oh - it looks like the guys forgot the grub killer last time”.

REALLY? This is what our yard looks like after I had to rake it up, seed the bare patches and oversees to entire yard - front and back - after one season with TRUGREEN LAWN SERVICE.

DO NOT EVER USE TRUGREEN LAWN SERVICE - unless you want to learn the meaning of “True Green”.........it is what you are gonna have to spend after they destroy your lawn.

OBTW - their consolation prize was half a bag of seed, and a call from the corporate office offering me 20% off on this coming season. I DON’T THINK SO!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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grubs, army worms, chinch bugs maybe? Done by TruGreen? I bet not.......


I feel truly sorry for you OCD lawn people. I hate work that needs to be redone almost immediately and repeatedly throughout the course of the year.

We have a 15 acre plot with just enough mowed for the dogs to go out and do their business and run a bit. We have wonderful flora and fauna which I wouldn't trade for the world and no bill from a "lawn" service, no noisy workmen, NO CHEMICALS to poison our well or the environment, no frustration like yours ; it is wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful.


All the “dead” stuff looks exactly like straw, like what cows eat. It looks like you just dumped some straw on top of your fairly green and vibrant grass.

to Anonymous #1486909

Thank you for your very astute observation.You are correct - that IS straw that has been placed over the huge dead patches of lawn where grubs had destroyed the lawn. The straw was placed over those areas after I hand raked with a straight rake, lined and seeded by hand.

to Ron Gross #1530791

Why didn’t you get grub control?


First, your lawn is NOT entirely destroyed, just a small portion. Two, the damage occurs in straight lines, which is caused by mechanical misuse.

Our guess is that you began power raking the lawn, saw the damage, stopped, and headed to the phone.

This is YOUR fault, and no one else. http://pesticidetruths.com/ WILLIAM H GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G


Nice guess - but wrong. I have never power raked my lawn, but rather these areas were hand raked and hand seeded after the dead grass was raked up. Clearly you chose to ignore the photos that showed all the dead stuff.In the future you may want to look at the facts instead of “guessing”.

to Ron #1490120

Crabby , aren't we ? Maybe you should plant crabgrass.

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