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We called TruGreen for a free lawn analysis. They came out quickly and gave us an estimate. We were told someone would be calling us. The calls started the same day with them telling us they were calling to setup service. I told them we were still in the process of selecting a lawn service and would wait until all estimates were in. Unfortunately, the girl with whom I spoke did not pass this information along because I continued to get phone calls trying to set up service.

One day someone from their service called to apologize and said he misunderstood. He claimed we said we wanted service setup. I explained we were only asking for an estimate and if we liked their estimate best, we would call them.

Apparently, they did not want to wait for a call from us because the phone calls continued, some up to 9PM at night.

I have finally written a letter to the company asking them to stop the plethora of calls we are receiving daily and nightly. Hope the letter will get our point across.

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I've never even contacted Tru-Green, yet they call our house every weeknight, usually after 8pm. I never answer.

Maybe this works for them, but this is definitely NOT the way to get my business. I would not recommend them to anyone.


TruGreen is notorious for over-contacting to SELL! SELL!

SELL! And not always in the most customer friendly manner either! I urge everyone to contact TruGreen's Corp V.P.

of Sales at 901-597-8502 or 901-597-1826. Emails are: AND

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #653891

Same experience here. It is AWFUL!!!

They never know when to stop calling. I ask them every time they call which is about twice a week. Every time I need to explain why I switched lawn service and get lured into the same conversation with the sales associate. They say that there service is better and make me feel really bad that I was "not a loyal customer".

DO NOT CONTACT THESE PEOPLE, they have no idea when to stop calling.


Speaking as a former TruGreen office worker [CSR]; Here are that steps that all of you NEED to take to get TruGreen to stop calling you for good. First, you MUST specifically make a "DO NOT CALL" REQUEST.

By making this request, the employee MUST fill out a DNC CONFIRMATION Form stating that he/she went into the computer and put a "no solicit" on your number. And then went into the dialer and took your phone number out of the sales campaigns.

After this process is completed, your DNC Request must be filed in the "Do Not Call" File and kept for 2 years. You can also request a copy of the company's Do Not Call Policy to further assure that TruGreen complys with your DNC request.


Ugh! I have a headache!!

:upset I took yet ANOTHER SALES CALL from "TooGreen". Their constant calling is precisely why I cancelled them over a year ago. I have also asked them more than once to delete my old account from their system and put my number on their Do Not Call list.

You know, it has occurred to me, that if I ever called an ex-girlfriend as much as TooGreen calls me, I'd have a Restraining Order taken out against me for stalking!!! :eek


This TruGreen National Call Center number (800) 878-4733 has popped-up on my Caller ID [as "unknown"] 10 TIMES in 2 DAYS. Once at 7am!

I told them on their 2nd call to me that I wasn't interested. Seriously...Is this all some sort of twisted office joke or something?!? Exactly what the heck is TruGreen really trying to accomplish here anyway? (That is besides being a harassing telemarketing spammer.) I'm now fighting fire with fire.

As I have reported their numbers on AND I urge everyone else that has this ploblem to do the same. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!!!!




My husband and I have used TruGreen lawn service for going on 3 years now. The results to the lawn have been adequate, and met our expactations.

We pre-paid for our lawn services, yet we keep getting calls to sell us additional services. The first two times I politely explained that my husband and I decided that we didn't want the service on the trees & shrubs. The third and fourth calls about it again, I told him firmly that we didn't want that service. And at this point I requested that our number be put on their No Sales Calls list. The FIFTH time he called this morning, and I became angry! :(

I do not want to be continually harassed about another service which my husband and I discussed & declined. And insisting that you want to "talk to the man of the house" will NOT get you anywhere, except insulting the women on the phone! :eek

I don't know if this is the way TruGreen does business. But we are beginning to think twice before giving them our money next year. Harrassment is not the way to treat loyal customers!!! :?


I currently work for TruGreen. My position is to call cutomers and verify sales already made by the reps. I would definitely agree that this company cares very little for its employees, and sometimes even less for their customers. As the auditor, I am instructed to call every customer once an hour until I reach them. If they don't answer from the work number after a few days, I am encouraged to call them from my personal cell phone (a number they won't recogninze). I understand buyer's remorse and I know that this company has good intentions but is not entirely honest with everyone involved, whether supplying the service or recieving it. I have TruGreen at my home as well, got ridiculous employee discounts and pre-paid for the year. The benefit is I can put in my own service calls, the downside is complaining when my lawn truly isn't seeing any results.

But back to the main point, our sales reps and office staff don't call you over and over again just to be annoying. We do it because corporate tells us so. Your complaints make a much bigger impact with the upper level's so if you have serious problems, don't waste your time with the local branch; go above them. Cause I'll tell you from personal experience, my branch has absolutely NO accountability for wrongdoing, from the techs, to the sales reps, to the office staff. (That is, unless I get fired for posting this.)

Oh well, I'm looking for another job anyways.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #339211

people....People....PEOPLE!!! (I am referring to all TruGreen Customers; past, Present, and FUTURE!) Let it be known to all that TruGreen of ServiceMaster is a sales-based/driven marketing company.

TruGreen's parent company ServiceMaster Corporation [By C.D&R] clearly states in it's Mission Statement that it's #1 objective is "To grow profitably". *News Flash* TruGreen is NOT the Salvation Army here, and does want to make money. With all of this said, TruGreen grows it's business in 2 primary ways: telemarketing (phone sales), and neighborhood marketing (door-to-door sales). This strategy is constant throughout the year, instead of the old way of ramping-up in the spring, and then leveling off.

Your Applicators are also told on each visit to your property to check the "Account History" on your Service Sheet. And to recommend any/all TruGreen service lines (lawn, tree, pest), that you don't already have on your account. This process is known as "Service Solutions", and as such, if you don't have a particular service then TruGreen has a solution for you! Keep in mind that every TruGreen employee including management, office & production has a weekly sales quota to hit.

Again, we have to grow our business and be profitable. It is what it is: BUSINESS. Hope this helps clarify TruGreen's postion in the market.

NOW PLEASE GROW WITH US!!!!!!!!!! ;) ;)


I am on the do not call list (told them many times). I do not want them to ever call me again (told them at least 10 times).

I did not like their service (told two local and a regional manager). But, CALLED AGAIN TODAY after being told that LAST WEEK! GO AWAY! I have told everyone I know never do business with them.

I told the manager they ruined my lawn.

I told them I do not ever intend to do business with them again - BUT THEY STILL KEEP CALLING (locally - so it is the same office). If you are considering using them read all the thousands of reviews of them online and then decide for yourself.


I agree with previous comments regarding all the calls. I had TruGreen service (Michigan) and I canceled at the end of the year... that's when it got really bad - they will NOT stop calling now - This is after requesting be put on the do not call list... I tell them each time they call I will never, ever even if it were free, use TruGreen service again - stop calling. A week later another call. Geez.

They would be better off saying thanks for being a valued customer and come back when your needs change. The hard-sale pressure tactics just makes it so I never want to call them again.

I just don't understand how they can be so *** about this.

I discovered my cable phone allowed blocking numbers.. so I put TruGreen number from caller ID on the block list... you think that would work.. Now I get calls from sales guy's cell phones... What a terrible company.


I truly hate reading about people being upset with our company. I have been employed with Trugreen for 10 years now. I know for a fact that we have made several changes to curb these complaints. Trugreen does listen to people and their concerns. To help people get an understanding of some of the changes made to improve customer service are;

1) We no longer use the automatic caller when scheduling an appointment. There was too much confusion because the customer was supposed to call us back if they did not want us to come out when once we called. If they did not call us back within 24 hours, we showed up because we called as we were asked. This was a huge problem that has been correct. We not send out a calender to each customer that requests to be notified prior to treatment. Now, each person knows exactly what day we will be coming.

2) The do not call list is very important, once a customer asks to be removed from any list, we instantly add them to the do not call list, unfortunately, it does take time, usually no more than seven days.

3) We have disbanded our national call center. Customers were having difficulty getting their questions answered properly so now, when you call the local office, you get the local office.

I also want to clear some things up regarding the treatment of the lawn process. The equipment we use is specifically designed to apply the application at 1 minute per thousand square feet. if it is being sprayed, the equipment is calibrated to apply 2 gallons of fertilizer per thousand square feet which takes only 1 minute. If your lawn is an average city lot of 3 to 4 thousand square feet, your lawn should take no more than 4 minutes plus about two minutes to complete the invoice if the technician writes a thorough note as he is supposed to. We get that question about the time spent on the lawn a lot,We should probably educate our customers more regarding our process so that they can have a better understanding of what we do.

to Michigan Employee #640460

This is the biggest BS I've ever heard. This comment was made in 2011.

Its 2013. I just called TruGreen to rage at the fact that they KEEP calling after I've asked several times to be taken off their list. I got their call center. She told me she could leave a message for TruGreen.

She also told me she was in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I'm in Chicago. This whole post is misleading and false.

Lockney, Texas, United States #272458

I have also been spammed called by Trugreen. I ask them to place me on the do not call list but this has not stopped the harassing calls.

The local guy calls me daily even though I tell him to stop calling, if I want service I will call you. HELP ME!


first of all, i bet none of you asked to be put on the do not call list, and if so then it will take up to one month for finale process. and everyone who signs up with 4 or more sprays has free service calls which mean we will come out and re-treat for free as many times as needed. whats funny is for every 1 pissed custumer we have 1000 happy ones so do the math, and im very sorry problems


Call customer service and quietly change your number to match your local dry cleaner or walmart They will get the hint eventually.


Do not hire Tru Green, period. I spoke to one of their sales reps a while back about their services but never actually locked in or commited to anything.

I kept getting recorded phone calls from Tru Green to schedule service. I never called back as I found more affordable services. Yesterday they supposedly treated my shrubs and trees and an invoice was left. I called to complain as I was in the driveway when their truck came down the street.

I returned 10 mins later to see him leaving, he had only gotten out of the truck to leave an invoice.

He did nothing to my yard. I have filed a complaint to the BBB.


I get 3 calls a week and i just hand up. it's pretty pathetic. is there a way to sue them for harrasment?


One sure fire way to get them to stop calling. Ask them for their personal phone # and tell them you'll call them back later (preferrably around 9:00p.m.).

My husband loves to do this to telemarketers. Or he starts giving them a sob story about how his wife left him and took his dog and he he lost his job and he starts sounding like he is crying.

Folks! act a little - have fun with it.

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